A New Job For Me!

Sometimes I feel like Barbie. You know, that doll that girls play with that has had like a hundred careers. I’ve been counselor and therapist, librarian, reading specialist, book reviewer, blogger, show dog, janitor, baby sitter, singer and dancer, drop dead comedienne, actor, farm dog, bed warmer. And now the Mom Person has decided that I’m not busy enough and need something else to do. I have now been given the title of Nanny/Teacher for this –IMG_5123Meet Electra. Guide Dog Puppy in Training from Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto, Florida. She is 10 weeks old and came to the 7 Acre Wood this past weekend. She is being sponsored by Classic BMW in Plano, Tx. and they have named her in honor of their all electric car. The name is fitting. She is a live wire! I know that you’re saying “Aahhhh! She’s so cute!” But I know that face. I perfected that face a long time ago –

IMG_5645I know that looks can be deceiving sometimes. Little Miss Electra is actually a tornado on four legs. A shark in motion. I have been presented with quite a challenge. You see that cute face. I see this –

IMG_5117Just a blur whizzing by, chomping as she goes. I was actually a teacher before. I taught Walker the ropes. But I thought that I was retired. I hear the Mom Person saying that a lot. I must admit that she has been talking about this Guide Dog Pup for some time. I guess I just didn’t think she was serious. But here it is. And here to stay for a year! A year! I don’t know much about time, but I think that that is forever.

IMG_5115I will have an assistant. Walker has been dragged in for back-up. He’s not totally sure what he’s getting into. I was a guide dog pup once upon a time. Just like little Electra is. I have to remember that. Remember how hard it was to be so little and have to act so big. I had a great teacher. Hank was the essence of patience. The Zen master. I will try to be like Hank and as always, will do my best to whip this youngster into shape.

IMG_5172 IMG_5137

There may be hope for Electra. She is a smart little thing. I’ve already taught her to sit politely for a treat. And the good thing here is that with her training, she’s getting lots of treats – which means more treats for me, as well, for being a good teacher!!

No book today. Who has time for reading?! My goal, though, is to teach this young one the Zen Power of sitting quietly and listening to a good book.

If you would like to find out more about Southeastern Guide Dogs, you can check out my page at the top of this page. Or you can visit their website HERE.

And you can get a puppy fix by visiting their puppy cam HERE.

I wish you a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams!

IMG_5145Your worn out friend

Copy of img311

31 thoughts on “A New Job For Me!

  1. Rhythm, you will be the BEST nanny/teacher ever! There is no end to your talents…and to your compassion and patience. They will be tried, we’re sure.

  2. WOW, what a huge job you have, Rhythm. You will be great! You are all adorable (big and small) and thanks for sharing the adorable puppy-cam. Sleep well, friend!
    ~/(^.^)\ and =^.^=

    • This is a very important job I’ve been given. Electra is destined to become some blind person’s independence. I think she’s going to be a good one, but it’s going to take a lot of work to get the kinks out.

  3. Electra is so cute — I know you have to train her, but she needs time to run off her energy. She’s already your tag-a-long! You’ll be great Rhythm. Guess your Mom wanted a challenge.

    • Thanks Ms Peta. Right now I’m trying to figure out if it’s an honor or a curse. I’m trying to be positive about it. My Mom Person wouldn’t give me an impossible task. Or a dangerous one. So there must be some good here. I’m keeping an open mind about it.

  4. OMG, R.! You have SUCH an important job, but I think you are up for the challenge. You will do great with Electra. Mom wrote a story about when I learned to be a good girl, and she had a fictional dog named Maya as my teacher in the story. You are Electra’s Maya! Good luck.

    Love and licks,

    • That sounds like a great story from your Mom!! She needs to work on that one! Here at the house, each day is getting a little easier. We’re all settling into the new routines and training sessions are starting to be kind of fun. Electra can be quite entertaining!

  5. I showed Mom Electra’s (love the name! 😀 ) and your cute “AW!” faces. She says you look just like our old dog Bart did. He was named by my Great-Grandmother (who couldn’t hear well – somehow “Garth” became “Bart” 😉 ), not after a Simpson. 😉 Good luck! 😉

    • That’s funny! I hear a lot of funny stuff for my name too. Ribbon and Reba and Riddle. People are funny. Maybe you should raise a guide dog puppy! It would give you lots of material for stories!

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