A House is a House for Me

Most people and critters have some kind of house that protects them from the elements and may provide comfort or storage area or a place to raise young ones.

IMG_4976I live in a people house. A house that was built for humans. But My People have made room for me and Walker inside their house. When I was a pup, I had a different house inside the people house. I slept in a crate that was just for me. It was a safe, cozy little house. It was a place where my gorilla waited for me and my warm blanket. It was a place that I could go to be alone if I wanted. Walker still sleeps in his own crate. He likes it there a lot.

Most dogs that I know have these same living arrangements, but I hear of dogs who sleep outside in a dog house. The kids I visit at school always want to know about my living and sleeping arrangements. When they see the Mom Person without me, they worry about where I am and whether I’m inside or outside.

Houses are an interesting concept for me. I like my house a lot, but I sometimes wonder about other houses and how they came to be. We have just built a new house for our chickens and a lot of planning went into this building. The goats and Buddy, the pony share a house. I always wonder where the raccoons and skunks and foxes live that I smell in the woods.

I have a book that addresses this issue —

IMG_4970A House is a House for Me
written by Mary Ann Hoberman
illustrated by Betty Fraser
published by Viking in 1978

Theme — housing, animal dwellings, nature, environment

Suitable for 3 and up

It begins —

“A hill is a house for an ant, an ant.
A hive is a house for a bee.
A hole is a house for a mole or a mouse
And a house is a house for me!”

This is a fun, fun book told in sing-song rhyme about houses. Houses of all kinds. From the ant and the bee to farm animals and a dog in a dog house. From fish in the sea to a snail in its shell to a duchess in her castle. Then on to a garage for a car and a pod for a pea!! What can you think of that has a house? That’s the big question! And one that this book begs you to ponder! It’s a book full of wonder! A book that encourages you to wonder about the world around you that is OUR home.

IMG_4975The illustrations are fabulous. Each page is chock full of details to wander through as you wonder. This is a book that will have you meandering through it time and time again.

This is a book to spur the imagination. What kind of house could your kids build at home themselves – one just for them? I know at our house there have been houses made from giant boxes, tents made from sheets, and forts made from tree branches.

IMG_4973Take your kids on a walk through the yard or the woods. What kind of houses can they find? Birds’ nests? Spider webs? Holes in the ground? A shell that might house a snail? or a nut? An endlessness of possibilities!!

Enchanted Learning has a great site with all kinds of classroom activities about dwellings of all kinds. Lots of fun stuff can also be found on Pinterest

To encourage kids to think about the world we live in and how to take care of it, visit the USDA website and find out about Woodsy Owl.

For more fabulous picture books and accompanying resources visit Susanna Hill and her list of Perfect Picture Books!

Now because it’s Library Lovers Month, I would like to direct you to a library program in India called APNE Library that is spreading the joy of reading across the Himalayas. You can find out all about it HERE.

And here is a video of a group from APNE Library performing A House is a House for Me

What kind of house do you live in?
Your library friend
Copy of img311Just wondering —

48 thoughts on “A House is a House for Me

  1. A House is A House for Me is one of my favourite books to read aloud. It has such wonderful rhythm. Our dog was mostly Husky – he came to us when we lived in the Canadian Arctic. We always thought that he should have a dogloo! But when we made him a house, he liked to lie on top of it, not go inside it!

  2. What a great book for kids. And Rytham, it has rhythm and rhyme and dance. There are so many ways to use this book with kids. Love the video. Archie still likes to sleep in his (open door) crate at night with a lambswool cushion and blankets. It’s his place, or sometimes under my bed hidden by the dust ruffle, so he’s near me. (He’s only 11 lbs).

    • When I was a pup, I liked to sleep under the Mom Person’s bed, but then I started growing too big and got stuck a couple of times. Rather distressing at the time. Now I sleep on top of the bed. Quite comfy. I guess Archie is too little to get on top of your bed? This book is really a great read aloud book – with all that RHYTHM!

      • My other poodles over the years slept on the bed, or on a big LL Bean dog bed. Archie was caged as a breeding dog and so he’s always gone to his cage even though we leave the door open at night. It’s his home. Makes it easy for me to have people babysit him when we’re on vacation, too. Decided to not invite him on the bed when we got him because I got poision ivy on my face from my last poodle, after she rubbed against my pillow. So it works out great.

  3. Awesome book and great video, Rhythm! I hope someday someone may perform one of my books! We so take our homes for granted….my husband is a pastor, so we live next to the church. Our dog likes to sleep on a rug in the house (or on the bed if we’re not home). When I was growing up our German shepherd liked his dog house which was big enough to hold 3 kids…but in California he dug a hole UNDER it to get out of the heat. And we have a woodchuck which lives under our deck….which is better the the mama skunk and 9 babies that used to live there. Thanks for this review!

  4. This sounds delightful, Rhythm! I’m sorry to hear it’s been written, since it’s on my PiBoIdMo list and I was planning on writing it! 🙂 I love the concept though. And it reminds my of that kids’ rhyme you can do with your hands: “this is a nest for a robin, this is a hive for a bee, this is a hole for a bunny, and this is a house for me!”

    • Hmmmmm. It seems that my brain holds a bit of a memory of this hand rhyme. It sounds much like the book. Maybe that’s where Ms Hoberman got her idea for the book? I would like to see your take on the subject. It might be altogether different!

    • We don’t need our crate houses anymore either, but we always have one available. Walker loves his crate and the door is always open so he can go snooze there whenever he wants. His big giant binky dog stays there waiting for him.

      • I live in an ordinary house in the lush Rhine Valley, next to a big forest on top pf the highest mountain (Venusberg) in Bonn, the former capitol of Germany. Siri and Selma, our lovely book fayries live on bookshelf 3 and 4 in Rhu Sila in Cley next the Sea, North Norfolk in England. Rhu Sila is a big, beautiful house with a huge library and a gorgeous garden. I’ll ask Siri and Selma to visit you and tell you a bit more about their fairy home. Right now they are quite busy helping their Master in the garden. 🙂

        • Hi, dear Rhythm,
          so great reading from you. And you live great, we love it.
          Well, we are two little Bookfayries living on our beloved Master’s bookshelves, actually on bookshelf 3 and 4.
          I am Siri who loves books and I am sleeping and writing on my McFayrie on bookself 3, otherwise I love to sit on our Master’s left shoulder when he is reading and writing. Actually I whisper clever fairy ideas into his ear.
          I am Selma and a Bookfayrie as well living on bookshelf 4. You know we have to number our shelves as our Master is a book maniac. In our house we have more than 20.000 books stored – crazy, isn’t it? But I like our big garden as well where I play with flower fairies and care for all our plants. When Dina is here I help her going out for finding the best perspectives for her pictures. And we all love going out on Master’s boat to visit our friends the seals.
          Once in a while we travel with our beloved Dina to her home in Norway to meet our friends the Trolls, funny being they are, indeed. Then we live in the summer house of Dina’s family on an island – we love islands 🙂
          Well, that’s all about us.
          With dearest fairy dust from
          Siri and Selma

          🙂 🙂

          • So, did you decide which shelf to call home? Or did the Master decide that for you? And what kind of books would be found on Shelves 3 and 4? I live with a lot of books as well. When I was little I slept on the bottom shelves, but I don’t fit anymore. I just sleep next to the shelves now. Sounds like you have quite the magical life! Thanks for sharing it all with me. I’m getting better pictures now of “life across the pond!”

            • Dear Rhythm,
              we decided which shelf is ours.
              I, Siri Bookfayrie, felt drawn to shelf 3 where all the books are stored which our beloved Master has written. And I thought it’s great to sleep between his books about dreams. And it worked. I had fine dreams ever since 🙂 But first I had to create a big enough gap which wasn’t that easy. But our dear Master kindly helped me.
              I, Selma Bookfayrie, like books with pictures and so I decided to sleep between the books with pictures of plants and gardens. That’s my world of shelf 4. And to this shelf the flower fairies like to come for a visit and we exchange old wisdom about gardening.
              We Bookfayries have the magical advantage that we can decide how big we want to be, well, within limitations, of course. But we can make ourselves fit and comfortable in quite small places. Quite often people think of us as being childlike. Well, on one hand we are, but on the other we aren’t. It depends on the situation and how we feel.
              We send you lots of glittering fairy dust, we blow it across the big waters to you
              Siri and Selma, the happy Bookfayries from the house at the sea

              🙂 🙂

              • I think that if I could change my size and fit on a bookshelf, it would be on the adventure shelf. There are books about all kinds of adventures. To the South Pole and the North, to Africa, across the sea, and down big rivers. I love adventures. Thanks for sharing about your homes and adventures! And thanks for the fairy dust! It makes me feel like I might could fly!

                • It is funny but do you know that our beloved Master collects books about explorers and polar expeditions. He himself has been on several expeditions to Northern Greenland (he blogged about his adventures on his old blog http://kbvollmarblog.wordpress.com – with pictures). But it is too cold for Bookfayries there, we stayed at home.
                  Happy flying and take care.
                  Siri and Selma from the North Norfolk coast

                • I KNEW he would be an explorer and have a bookshelf for that! I would love to read one of your master’s books, but I think they may be all in German? I wouldn’t understand them I think.

                • Well, well, our dear Master loves exploring. His great dream is going to Yukon or NW Territories, but without us.
                  His books are actually translated in more than 20 languages. But you are right, he writes in German. He had several books on the US market with Sterling publ. in New York (but he prefers to sell his foreign rights to other countries because the US publ. pay too poorly and that means small pocket money for us). There are two dictionaries are still for sale in the US: “The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Dream Symbols” and a nicely made dictionary “The Book of Dream Symbols” (both with Sterling) and we don’t know if “The Enneagramm Workbook” and some other title we cannot remember is still for sale in the US (both Element publ.) His books about symbolism of colours and art history and his novels are available only in the European languages, Russia and China. And he has stopped writing books, his last book was a novel that actually played partly in Greenland which was published two years ago. Now he enjoys life and blogs and doesn’t care so much about writing book anymore. So has a lot of time for us which is Great! We love it. In former times he was never at home, travelling all the time, but now we have him for us 🙂
                  Okay, he is asking for help with the dinner. Good bye and lots of fairy dust from
                  Siri and Selma

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