Chicken Joe

To continue the thread I had going about names, I came across a great little book at the library the other day. It’s really a song performed by one of my favorite musical duos, Trout Fishing in America. And now I find that the song has become a book!

IMG_4846My Name is Chicken Joe, songs by Trout Fishing in America – (Ezra Idlet and Keith Grimwood). Illustrated by Stephane Jorisch. A storybook CD published by Folle Avoine Productions in 2009.

The title song, Chicken Joe is about unlikely names. What do names really mean? Chicken Joe is a cat who sleeps with the chickens when the weather gets cold. He’s not a chicken, just a cat named Chicken Joe. I never sleep with our chickens, but I sometimes dine with them.

121311081934Next comes a dog named Miss Kitty who lives in a big city. Then there’s a parakeet named King Kong who has quite a temper, and a mule named Mister.

So, do names define who we are? Do we become our names? What do others see when they hear our names? Are you happy with the name that you have? Or do you dream of something more or less exotic?

This book, My Name is Chicken Joe, is a storybook CD, which means that it comes with a CD with lots of songs on it. And the other song lyrics are included in the book.
My Best Day
I Can Dance
Something Sweet
It’s a Puzzle
Fill it Up
Why I Pack My Lunch
La La Land
Boiled Okra and Spinach
Hard Ball
Count On Me

The illustrations are a little quirky, just like Trout Fishing in America. They fit quite nicely with the songs. That Chicken Joe is a pretty cool cat!

IMG_4848You can find out more about Trout Fishing in America at their website HERE.

Book Trailer and song by Trout Fishing in America —

What’s behind YOUR name?

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20 thoughts on “Chicken Joe

  1. I love that you’re keeping on with the name theme. One of the things I love about writing is naming my characters. Who named you, Rhythm?

    • My name came from my sponsor, Petco. Southeastern Guide Dogs allows sponsors to name pups. Our puppy obedience trainer in Dallas happens to work for Petco and got the rights to come up with a name. I was named in memory of her favorite German Shepherd Dog. Coming up with just the right name for a character or a pet or a child can be tricky business. I believe that my name was just right!!

  2. Chicken feed, R.? Is it delicious? There aren’t any chickens around here (except in the freezer), but once I had a few flakes of goldfish food from Mom’s old goldfish named Sparkle.

    Love and licks,

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