Movie Night

I don’t watch movies too often. I usually find them a bit boring and use them as a time for cuddling and a good massage.

IMG_4736But for Christmas I received a really fantastic movie that I would like to howl about.


The Hardly Boys in Hardly Gold. A film by William Wegman. Starring Battina, Crooky, Chundo and Fay Ray. This movie was filmed in 1995 and was an official selection of the 1996 Sundance Film Festival. It is suitable for all ages.

I am a BIG fan of William Wegman. Well, I’m not really all that big, but I do love Mr Wegman! He is famous for his photos of his weimaraners. I have lots of his books and a couple of other films that he has done.

The Hardly Boys in Hardly Gold is about amateur detectives, the Hardly boys, who are spending their summer vacation, as they do every summer, at the Hardly Inn in Maine. Their Dad likes to fish, Mom likes to play golf, and the boys have a secret clubhouse where they watch movies of the Rangeley Lakes area of Maine, and do some sleuthing.

In this adventure they happen upon a sinister plot by an evil nurse and caretaker to take over a local garnet mine and ruin the town’s water supply. Tension runs high as they search out clues and unravel the mystery. There is some incredible acting by all the stars. It had me on the edge of my seat!

IMG_4725I highly recommend this flick!! You can find it on Netflix or on Amazon Prime.

Here is a clip to give you a bit of a taste of the drama —

4 Paws up for this one!!
Happy Sleuthing

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20 thoughts on “Movie Night

    • I think it’s kind of what you folks call a play on words. These Hardly Boys are hardly boys at all — They are really dogs! And girls! But it’s great fun. Like I said – some really fine acting.

    • This is not a very long movie. It’s pretty short in fact. You could probably sit through it. The title I think kind of has a double meaning. It’s a play on the Hardy Boys and the two main characters are hardly boys — they’re dogs and they’re girls!

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