Pups in the Snow

CIMG8440Things are starting to thaw out a bit now, but we’re still pretty much iced in. A good day for sitting by the fire with some good books.

IMG_4237We pulled out a couple of good ones.

Puppies in the Snow is by James Young. It was published in 2003 by Scholastic, Inc.

This is a cute counting book with pups playing in the snow and other critters watching. It begins with “ONE lonely puppy in the snow, so far from home, so far to go!” A crow sees him as she flies by, and in an old tree stump you can see a puppy nose sticking out. Then there are TWO friendly puppies and an owl and her babies watching. Each page gives you a glimpse of a new puppy being added and a mom and babies of some other animal. In the end TEN puppies make it home to their mom for dinner and a nice warm bed. It’s a pretty fun book with happy, smiley pups romping in the snow.

Mice on Ice is by Rebecca and Ed Emberley. This is an I Like to Read book published in 2012 by Holiday House. This father/daughter writing team does the craziest books!! Illustrations are BOLD and Bright and Kookie. This book is kind of Dr Seussish. Very simple text – “Mice walk on snow. Mice skate on ice.” But the illustrations just make you smile and giggle. The mice skate all over the ice making designs with their skating. And they make a CAT! A Cat with a Hat! And the cat with the hat skates with the mice on the ice! Pretty cool!

I could not find any information on Mr James Young. 😦

But Rebecca Emberley has a great website HERE.

And her Dad, Ed Emberley is the Master and Commander of children’s books and fingerprints. His website is HERE.

For more about I Like to Read books visit Holiday House HERE.

And here are some little pups having a fun time in the snow –

I hope you’re having a JOYous day wherever you are and whatever the weather


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13 thoughts on “Pups in the Snow

  1. It was snowy like the pups and icy like the mice around here, R. Sometimes I wasn’t heavy enough to crack through and the slipping scared me a little. Sometimes I cracked the ice and the sound scared me a little. Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow. No ice. I think I’ll like that better.

    Love and licks,

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