Muddypaws and Birthdays

We had quite a wet, cold weekend here. Glorious weather to play in. The Mom Person deemed it too yucky. She does not appreciate the cold.


And I certainly didn’t mind lounging by the blazing fireplace. We also went to the library where we met up with my good reading pals, Will and Sunshine. And guess what?! Today is Will’s birthday!!

IMG_4102Will is really into video games and likes to keep me informed about the latest ones. I don’t know anything about video games, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He’s a pretty cool guy that way.

But since it was about to be his birthday, and since it was “yucky” outside, Sunshine found us the perfect book to read.

IMG_4100Muddypaws and the Birthday Party. Written by Deborah Chancellor and illustrated by Simon Mendez. This book was published in 2009 by Parragon Books.

“A story about birthdays, balloons, and best friends.” Sounds good.

Muddypaws looks to be a wee Golden retriever pup. Ben is his best friend, and they do everything together. One morning Muddypaws woke up to find a lot of new stuff around the house and Ben was too busy to play ball. He was playing with a big shiny thing that kept getting bigger and bigger. There was a whole mountain of these things on the floor. Muddypaws pounced on them and BANG! It wasn’t fun anymore.

It seems that it’s birthday time at Ben’s house and Muddypaws just seems to get into trouble trying to help. Ben didn’t want to play, Mom shooed Muddypaws out of the kitchen, then the yard was filled with stamping feet and loud voices. He couldn’t figure out what was going on and he was bored. But then Ben came to the rescue and invited Muddypaws to join the party because “best friends do everything together!”


This is a pretty cute book. There are quite a few books about Muddypaws and all the ones I’ve read are pretty cute. You just can’t get much cuter than a pup and his boy. Unless it’s a pup and her girl! An interesting thing about these books is that they are all written by different authors. Mr Mendez is the illustrator for all of them, but different writers. i don’t know the story behind that. This one is a good early reader book. The text is nice and big. There are a lot of words to sound out and think about. The pictures are great and help tell the story. I highly recommend this series of books.

A dog, a boy, a puddle — enjoy —

I wish you warmth and happy trails


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24 thoughts on “Muddypaws and Birthdays

  1. My kiddos are really into dog books. I can’t wait to introduce them to Muddypaws! As always, I love the videos too. Happy Thanksgiving!

    p.s. Your footprint reminds me of our class pet, Stanley. The kids adore him, but he’s not as real as Rhythm. 🙂

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