Infinity and Me

Infinity is a big word. It’s a bigger concept than my canine brain can come to terms with. What is infinity? The dictionary defines infinity as “anything endless or unlimited as space, time, distance, quantity, etc. Without limit or end.”

IMG_4053Whew! Without limit or end. Well, certainly when I look up at the sky at night, I must be seeing infinity. When I think about my Mom Person and the love that I feel in my heart, I must be feeling infinity. When she leaves me at home, I feel the infinity of time passing. When I go to school and visit with kids, I know the infinity of possibility. When I sit at this computer, I see the infinity of connections that are made every day all around the world.

We have a lovely Picture Book called Infinity and Me by Kate Hosford. I was attracted to this book because of the fabulous illustrations by Gabi Swiatkowska. I am quite taken with her artwork. It has an old fashioned, Edward Gorey feel to it. She illustrated another book, the Golden Rule, that I did a post about HERE. And we have a couple of others on our bookshelves.

Infinity and Me was published in 2012 by Carolrhoda Books and is suitable for ages 5 and up.


This is the story of Uma, a young girl with some brand new red shoes that she can’t wait to show off. When she can’t sleep for the excitement, she goes outside to look at the stars and starts to feel very small. She also starts to wonder about infinity. What does infinity mean?

The next day she asks various people what infinity means to them and gets an infinity of answers. From numbers too big to count, to a “napping 8” racetrack that goes on forever, to family, to friendship, to music. The possibilities were endless! In the end she realizes that infinity for her is found back at home in the comforting arms of her grandmother. I can relate to that!

IMG_4058A book about New Red Shoes, Infinity, and Grandmothers. Fabulous!

At the end of the book is an Author’s Note in which Ms Hosford explains a little about the science of infinity. Did you know that the “napping 8” that is the symbol for infinity is called a lemniscate ∞? Fun word! Ms Hosford asked a lot of kids what they thought infinity was and got an infinity of answers. Just like Uma. And in the end she challenges the reader to “find your own way to imagine the idea.”

Danielle at This Picture Book Life did a really nice review of this book that you might want to check out HERE.

If you happen to be into the mathematical idea of infinity THIS LINK might interest you.

If you see music as infinite you might check out THIS LINK. And THIS LINK for some Circular Music.

And if you see infinity in art you might like this video —

So now take up the challenge — How do you see INFINITY?

Wishing you Endless Joy

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19 thoughts on “Infinity and Me

  1. Rhythem, one of my meditation seed thoughts recently was “infinity.” So, of course your post grabbed my attention. I enjoyed all the ways you used the concept of infinity. I liked the book and I loved the video of the artist. Beautiful.

  2. Oh my goodness! I just came upon this fabulous post. Thank you so much! Rhythm, you look fabulous in your red shoes, and Gabi and I are so pleased that you like the book. Thank you also for introducing me to Chul Hyun Ahn’s work, and the other amazing links. The book actually just came out in Korean.

    Thanks also to the others who commented. If anyone out there works with kids, I have an infinity curriculum I developed to supplement the book. You can find it on my website:

    • Well, I am wagging with JOY that you have stopped in for a visit!! I love this book and we share it a lot with our reader friends at school. It can get quite a discussion percolating! Thanks for the curriculum link! I don’t know how I missed it when I visited your website before. Thanks so much for visiting – your stamp of approval is quite a treat!!

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