Picture Book Month

November is Picture Book Month – a “literacy initiative that celebrates the print picture book.” I believe that picture books should be celebrated every day of every month. But it’s nice to have a whole month devoted to talk and sharing of the magic that is a picture book.

I am a library dog and I spend a great deal of my time enjoying picture books with young people. That’s my job. I love my job. I get to hear kids learn new words and new concepts. I get to see their joy and excitement as they travel into new worlds. Picture books are teachers and magic carpet rides. The illustrations in picture books provide visions to spark their imaginations.

To find out more about Picture Book Month visit the website HERE.

For an essay from Tomie dePaola about the importance of picture books visit HERE.

Now I invite you to go out and enjoy some picture books!

Make it a habit!

Your Library Dog Friend

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19 thoughts on “Picture Book Month

  1. R., you are a super excellent Library Dog. I am a library dog sometimes, too. But I am more of a library dog that falls off my chair, licks people’s shoes, knocks books onto the floor, and begs for treats.

    Love and licks,

    • hahaha!! Well, I will tell you a secret, Cupcake. Sometimes I am that kind of library dog, too. The Mom Person chooses not to share those moments with the outside world. I have been doing this job for many years and these days I tend to fall asleep and snore a lot.

  2. I hang out in my Mom person’s studio. She’s a picture book author and illustrator and has a great collection of picture books for inspiration. She asked me not to drool on them, so I am careful. Sometimes I sit in her lap and she reads to me. I weigh more than she does, but it doesn’t bother her at all πŸ™‚

    Thanks for being such a great library dog, Rhythm!
    Your pal,

  3. Oh my goodness that picture of you with the speech bubbles is adorable, Rhythm. I love what you said about a magic carpet ride.

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