Winter Holding Spring

img438You know how when you see someone smile, it makes you smile too?  A smile or a good deed can travel far and wide. It can connect us to our neighbors and to others around the world. When my tail wags it starts all kinds of waves that connect me to everyone around. People and pets are all connected somehow, someway. When a person tells a story about their dog, it makes you think of a story about your dog. And on and on. We’re all connected. Each one of us to our neighbor. And on and on.


I think books are like that, too. All the books are somehow connected in a kind of web. A book web. Like when you find a book that you really like, you want to read more books by that author. Or you want to find more books from the illustrator. Or more books on the same subject. And on and on. They’re all connected. Each one connected to its neighbor.

This all comes to mind because this connectedness was set in motion the other day with a post that I did about a book called Mr Rabbit and the Lovely Present. This book was written by Charlotte Zolotow. When we were researching Ms Zolotow, we found that she has a daughter named Crescent Dragonwagon. A very unique name, right? A name that would be hard to forget. And I knew that I had heard that name before. And then I remembered a book that my girl, Brenna, had once read to me. A book that she really, really liked. So I went to the bookshelves and looked and looked at all the connected books. Books that were connected by Brenna. Books that she had read to me and that connected the two of us together.


And I found it! The book is Winter Holding Spring by Crescent Dragonwagon. It’s illustrated by Ronald Himler and was published in 1990 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers.


The book itself is all about connections. It’s the story of a young girl, Sarah, whose mother died the previous year. She misses her mom and  finds memories of her everywhere. She and her dad talk about the memories and the missing. And they talk about time and how time flows into itself. At the end of summer, you find bits of fall coming — a lone, yellow leaf falling down. At the end of fall, you find bits of winter coming — pumpkins waiting for pumpkin pie. At the end of winter, there are bits of spring — bulbs breaking thru the snow. And spring holds a whole lot of summer — seed catalogs, vacation plans. Each ending brings a new beginning. And fresh hope for a new way to look at the world, and at life, and at sorrow.

This is a lovely, poetic book. My Brenna girl felt particularly connected to it because her mom had died as well. She knew just how Sarah in the book was feeling. And she listened to the words that Sarah’s Dad gave to Sarah.

Brenna reads Toot and Puddle

Brenna reads Toot and Puddle

Brenna is a big girl now and lives far away so I don’t see her very often. But I sure do love it when she comes back to visit. She still reads to me, but we haven’t thought about this book in a long time. That Mr Rabbit with the lovely present brought it all back.

img219We’re all connected – people, pets, books, ideas, and on and on.

I hope that you discover some connections today.

Have a good one!

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11 thoughts on “Winter Holding Spring

  1. What an inspiring post. “Winter Holding Spring” sounds like a wonderful book to help with grief. Love the pictures of the grandchildren. Lovely thought to leave us with! I agree, we are all connected.

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