National Library Card Sign-up Month

As I mentioned in a previous post, September is National Library Card Sign-up Month. To honor this tradition, Walker and I signed up and received our very own library cards from the Somervell County Library in Glen Rose, Tx.


It was an exciting event! Our library ladies are some pretty special folks. I’ve told you all about them and about our library in another post that you can check out if you so desire by going here.

To promote Library Card Sign-up, the Pinal County Library in Arizona has created some really cool graphics about the benefits of Libraries.

pcld-library-card-benefits-series-discover-new-worlds-8To see more of these unique advertising tools you can visit the Pinal County Library blog here.

For more things to do to promote Library Cards visit the American Library Association website here.

Here is a little movie called The Lord of the Libraries by Chris Martin. – enjoy!

I LOVE Libraries! They are magical places full of adventure and also quiet places of comtemplation.

IMG_3179Now, go hug a librarian and get yourself a library card!

Copy of img311

16 thoughts on “National Library Card Sign-up Month

    • We spend a lot of time at libraries as well! We go to the public library, the Intermediate School library and the Elementary School library. We feel quite at home in all of them. Yay for libraries and being an independent card holder!

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