National Dog Day

carygrant-teachingthedogtoreadWe just found out last night that today, August 26, is National Dog Day!! I don’t know exactly what that means – the Mom Person says that around here every day is Dog Day. And that may be true.


But we decided to celebrate by taking a bag of dog food and some treats to our local animal shelter.

Kathryn and Tammie do a great job at the Glen Rose Animal Shelter. They’re very good at finding homes for homeless dogs and cats. They like their job!!


We also got to go to Dairy Queen and get some Fries!!! We are truly lucky dogs!!

When we got home, the Mom Person got out a bag full of balls! We got to play catch and Hide and Seek and all those fun ball games. Whew! What a day it has been!

We have a book called 97 Ways to Make a Dog Smile. It’s a great book with some great ideas to make your dog happy. Like # 1 – Ear Noogies! What dog doesn’t like that?!  And #23 – Joyride in the car! #59 – Bobbing for treats in a pool or bucket! And my favorite – #9 – the Full Body Massage. Yessiree!

This book was written by Jenny Langbehn with photos by Pat Doyle. It was published in 2003 by Workman Publishing.

IMG_3052We’ve had a good Dog Day. I hope your dog has. Go out and PLAY!

For more info about National Dog Day you can check out the official website here.

To help you understand what your dog is telling you, here is a video about dog language –

And a Dwight Yoakum song from Sandra Boynton called I’ve Got a Dog –

Go have fun with your dog!!!!


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31 thoughts on “National Dog Day

  1. I know those looks. Fabulous video. When my daughter comes over, she’s overpowering and I can see Archie tense and put his paws on her chest. And, even though I’ve thrown 50 balls and played with him, he’ll get on the couch and scrunch down and just stare at me — showing me he’s not happy when I’ve stopped playing with him. He also speaks, when he wants my attention. And look very intent. I know he wants to go outside — sometimes, it’s “okay you’ve been writing for long enough, time for you to give me some attention.

    Great post. Today’s also my daughter’s birthday! Archie got to lick the icing off the spoon and was happy. Happy Dog DAy!

  2. Happy Dog Day!! It sounds much more fun than National Cat Day, which mainly involves sleeping for 20 hours and spending the other 4 whinging that you haven’t been fed. Great Boynton song, that I only recently discovered…love the Boynt-Meister.
    Here is another musical tribute to doggishness – Barry Louis Polisar’s “Oh I Wanna Be A Dog” by the Canote Brothers 🙂

    • Those Canote Brothers are AWESOME!! How have I missed them?! I wonder if Ms Boynton knows them? Thanks for sharing that great musical! And thanks for the well wishes for my special day. Is there a Gargoyle Day I wonder? If not, we need to declare one! Do you have a birthday? Wow! My brain is exploding with thoughts of your life on the bookshelf. Anyway – thanks for stopping by and bringing the entertainment!

      • It is a pretty fun song, and quite catchy too! Every day is Gargoyle Day around my shelf, but I celebrate my making day on the 25th of December…I find the fleshlings always decorate spontaneously for the occasion 😛

    • I think that on the official website they say something about International Dog Day. But it doesn’t seem to be something that is widely advertised. Even here. I think it would be fine if you celebrated a day however you would like! Every day is a celebration for me. Good day to you Ruby!

  3. I can’t believe I missed Dog Day, but I guess it’s cause I don’t have a dog. But I did sort of rescue a dog yesterday … when it showed up in my back yard. We fed him and played with him until his Dad Person came to retrieve him. I LOVED the happiness in his eyes when they were reunited … he licked and licked his the man’s face. I could see gratitude in his eyes, too.

    It’s times like these when I wish I had a dog ….


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