A Rather Fowl Day!

There are several varieties of domestic critters who call the 7 Acre Wood home. One of the more interesting is our little flock of chickens. I’ve written about these chickens before. I find them quite fascinating. They spend their days wandering all over eating bugs and scratching up the flower beds. They take sand baths (which I can relate to) and love mud (which I also can relate to). They lay eggs (which I like!). But not always where they’re supposed to, so we have Easter Egg Hunts every day. They have a chicken coop that they are supposed to sleep in at night so they won’t get eaten by raccoons, but some of them prefer sleeping in the trees. Even in the rain and snow!! I have spent a lot of time studying our chickens and can’t decide if they are really dumb or really smart. We can all be out enjoying a nice day in the yard and POOF! the chickens have disappeared! One minute they’re there scratching around, the next they’re gone! Under the bushes. Then I realize a big vulture or hawk has flown over. If nothing else, the chickens are entertaining.

Now I tell you all this because I have a couple of outstanding chicken books to share with you!


the problem with chickens The Problem With Chickens is by Bruce McMillan and illustrated by Gunnella. It was published in 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Co. It’s a story that takes place in Iceland where the illustrator is from and the author has spent summers. In a small village the ladies would collect eggs from some wild birds that live on cliffs. But it was very difficult to get these eggs so the ladies traveled to the city and got some chickens. Everybody was very happy for awhile – until the chickens started acting like the ladies! The pictures of the chickens doing what the ladies do are hilarious!! Silly chickens! And then the chickens stopped laying eggs! Now I’m not going to tell you how the ladies solved this problem! You’ll have to read the book to find out! But trust me — you will like this whimsical book! It is a funny, thought provoking read. And tells you a lot about chickens!

Big ChickensBig Chickens is by Leslie Helakoski and illustrated by Henry Cole. (Mr Cole is responsible for another book I did recently – Unspoken). Big Chickens was published in 2006 by Puffin Books. It is another really funny book! I wonder if it is possible to write a serious book about chickens? This is the story of four BIG hens who are scared out of their coop by a wolf and run into the woods. They encounter several obstacles in the woods that scare them crazy, but they manage to surmount these obstacles and go on their way. It’s a tale of facing your fears and marching ahead. And in the end they prevail. A funny, funny read aloud with silly, silly pictures. And this book also tells you a lot about chickens!

IMG_1776So the next time you’re out hunting or shopping for eggs, give some thought to those strange creatures that laid those eggs.

Here is a link to some pretty good chicken jokes (if you are so inclined) – click HERE.

And a little musical entertainment –

Have a nice day!

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37 thoughts on “A Rather Fowl Day!

  1. Rhythm, because you have found some outstanding chicken books, I am sure you will enjoy this photo montage of outstanding chicken hats: http://bit.ly/Z4niVn. Surely they will develop lovely canine hats as well!

    • Oh Ms Mealey!!! Those pictures are tooooo funny! I would love to stick some hats on our chickens. But we’d have to catch them first. Not an easy task. And don’t go giving my Mom Person crazy ideas! I’ve got too many hats already! Thanks for sharing that good laugh though!!

  2. Catherine Johnson led me to your chickens-enjoyed it immensely, noted the books especially because I have a friend who keeps chickens and always has a good story to tell! She will love The Problem With Chickens! Loved hearing about your wanderers too!

    • Thanks and welcome! Nice of you to stop by! Chickens are good for eggs and jokes and stories, funny or otherwise. That Problem With Chickens book is a winner. Quirky and silly – like chickens are!

  3. Great focus on chicken books. Had to laugh, I just checked out a stack of Lelie Helakoski’s Chicken and cow books. She’s going to be at our Northern Ohio SCBWI conference in Sep. She has a wonderful sense of humor.

    • Well, I am all over Ms Helakoski right now! I can’t wait to find some more of her books. She must be one crazy lady! I wish I could come to Ohio and meet her! I hope you go and bring back a report.

  4. Those chickens look like stuffed toys. They are so cute! I wish we had some chickens around here. Plus – don’t tell them, but chicken is delicious…. We like those chicken books, but don’t miss Little Chicken’s Big Day, which is very cute and funny.

    Love and licks,

    • The chickens are pretty fun to have around. Always doing silly stuff. And their chicken food is quite yummy! And yes, I agree, chicken itself is pretty yummy. And their eggs! That’s another book that is new to me! Going on my list. I guess i need to look into chicken books more closely. There seem to be A LOT of them out there! Thanks for the tip!

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