A Big Day in Big D!

IMG_2478As Willie Nelson once sang — We’re on the road again! Our monthly road trip to visit my magical acupuncturist, Dr Bruton. It’s a long drive to his office, but well worth it. I usually take a nap, but sometimes I watch the world go by. In the busy mornings, though it’s mostly cars and big trucks. People in a hurry. Boring. The Mom Person keeps the music going and sometimes we sing along with James Taylor.

IMG_2479Here’s the sign out in front of Dr Bruton’s office. I’ll give you the answer later. I got the needles this trip. And when all was over and done with, I felt like dancing!! And after we left, guess what I got?

IMG_2481Yes, indeedy! Chick-fil-A Fries!!! UMMMMMMMMM UMMMMMM!

Nothing better!

Next stop – a visit to see my Nanny who lives down the road apiece — in Big D, Dallas!IMG_2911

IMG_2482Guess what Nanny keeps in this cupboard? Yes, indeedy! Dogtreats! She is the best Nanny ever! We hung around Nanny’s for awhile and I got to play some ball and visit with my little buddy, Charlie.


After a nice visit there, we moved on to my Mom Person’s favorite shopping experience – Half Price Books. This is a humongous big ole book store that allows people to bring their pets shopping with them! I don’t often see other pets when we go, but occasionally I do. Mostly dogs, but once a giant lizard on a guy’s shoulder! And once a flying squirrel in a guys pocket! It’s a good thing my buddy Cisco wasn’t with us then because he would’ve gone crazy! Anyway, we spent a LONG time here. The Mom Person ALWAYS spends a long time here, but today she had to find books for birthdays and babies.


We got a few books for ourselves as well. I’ll be telling you about them some other day.

From the book store, we traveled on to White Rock Lake. A lovely spot right in the middle of Dallas. Many years ago, for a short while, we lived by this lake and I got to spend a lot of time getting to know the ducks that live there. Today, I was just excited to get out and follow the scent trails. Oh the smells!! Ummmmm Ummmmm!


And that brought our Big Day to an end. Back to Glen Rose — just in time for dinner!!

And here’s the answer to that riddle —

IMG_2480I hope your days are filled with adventure and plenty of scent trails to follow. Life is good!!

8 thoughts on “A Big Day in Big D!

  1. Oh, goodie! A road trip, a great vet, a riddle, a lake park with a sniffing trail, a bookstore, Chick-Fil-A, a visit with a dog friend and Nanny and dog treats! I wanted come on one of those trips! Golly, you guys do some FUN things!

    Rhythm, there is a lot to be said for a good dog acupuncturist, A LOT. They sure help some dogs.
    James Taylor wrote/writes and sings some good road trip songs! One of my all time favs. He is from, Chapel Hill, NC which is about 3 hours from where I live.

    With such wonderful huge puffy white clouds, I’m wondering if you looked for cloud pictures today also? Wow, what a beautiful sky in those pictures!

    Reminds me of one of the books I have here. It is called “Dreams” by Peter Spier (Doubleday & Co., Inc., 1986). My 2 year old neighbor and I just read that one yesterday. We didn’t really read it because it doesn’t have any words just beautiful pictures of clouds. It has a little boy and girl in it and they look for pictures in the clouds. I think you would like it because it has 2 dogs in it and one looks just like you, Rhythm! It’s a very neat summer book!

    P.S. Your posts are SO heartwarming! I love every one of them! My favorite blog and I don’t even have a dog or small children! I did go to my local library last weekend and did check out 7 children’s books…all because of reading this blog! I looked for some that you’ve reviewed and couldn’t find them. The library was about to close, so I just started picking some out. I’ll be going back when I have more time to check out some of the ones you read. So MUCH fun.

  2. Oh dear Rhythm, what a lovely ♥ heartwarming ♥ post! I enjoyed coming with you to Dr.Bruton!
    Hope all the goodies and the welldoing treatment stays with you for a long time.
    Bis cuddle across the pond, have a great weekend and enjoy life.
    Dina ♥

  3. Rhythm, sounds like a lot of side trips along your way to see Dr. Burton. Does accumpuncture help you? I’ve had a number of treatments. Would like to find a good Chinese accumpuncturist. Can’t believe your mom fed your fries — you’re spoiled in a good way.

    • Whew! It was a BIG, busy day! But it was a good busy! Yes Dr Bruton’s needles help my back a lot. He doesn’t always use needles. Sometimes he uses the Blue Light. I believe it’s some kind of laser thing. Sometimes he just uses his magic hands. I highly recommend it! I don’t think he does people though. Fries are the best treat! I get fries whenever we’ve had a work day or after visiting Dr Bruton. Yuuummmy!

  4. Well, now we have books AND French Fries in common. Hey, did you know it was Cow Appreciation Day today at Chick-fil-A … I’m blogging about it in tomorrow’s psot … yay! You sure are busy these days.

    • Hmmm! You like Fries too?! You are a good person! I did hear about Cow Appreciation Day. I’ve seen pictures of silly people dressing up like cows. The things folks will do for a free meal! We don’t have Chick-fil-A in Glen Rose so I don’t get to go often. It’s the special treat when going to Dallas. I’ll have to be sure and check out your post! Are you dressing up?

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