I am always fascinated at how serendipitous life can be. I love that word – serendipity/serendipitous. I love the concept. According to wikipedia, the word serendipity means “a happy accident” or “a pleasant surprise”. The word was first used, it seems, by Horace Walpole when talking about a Persian fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip, whose heroes “were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of”. Life is full of magical moments.

At our last visit to the great Half-Price Books in Dallas, we came across a book by Alexandra Day, one of my favorite author/illustrators. Ms Day is the creator of the Good Dog, Carl books, of which we have several. I LOVE Carl! He is one of my heros. The book that we found at the bookstore is not a Carl book. It’s not even about a rottweiler. It IS about a dog. A very funny dog. I think it is a Bernese Mountain Dog.


The book is called The Fairy Dogfather. It was published in 2012 by Green Tiger Press. It begins with a young boy, Hector, who is learning to write and gets his “d” and “g” confused. Then he decides to see if he has a fairy godfather who can help him out with a dilemma. He writes a letter and attaches it to his window before going to bed. But since he gets his “d” and “g” mixed up, the letter is answered by a fairy DOGfather. A very silly dogfather who smokes a cigar and messes up Dad’s newspaper and eats a lot of food from the kitchen. And doesn’t seem to be of any help at all. The dogfather leaves on the vacuum cleaner and Hector goes back to bed very disappointed. But when he awakes in the morning he finds that the dogfather DID create some magic! A wonderful tale!

Now the fact that we found this lovely story of Ms Day’s was serendipitous because, even though we always look, we rarely find anything by Ms Day besides Carl books. Then today at the library a young lady sat down to read to us a book that she had pulled off of the library shelf — a book by Alexandra Day!! And not a Carl book! Serendipity!

IMG_2590This book is called Special Deliveries and was co-written with Cooper Edens. It was published in 2001 by Harper Collins. Another fantastical tale! A story about the mail! A family – Mom, two daughters and a whole passel of animals live in the country and become the mail service for their valley. They all help deliver the mail to the neighbors. Even all the animals!! Dogs and cats and goats and donkeys and birds and pigs. When the girls realize that some of the neighbors don’t ever get any mail, they decide to make letters to send to them. So they all create lovely letters — even all the animals!! This is a great book! I love Ms Day’s illustrations and the story is a very lovely one of giving and sharing.

And that was serendipitous to have another book by Ms Day! But then this afternoon when our mail lady came, she had mail for me!! Just like the book!


It seems that I won a contest over at the new blog for showcasing novels for Tweens, Emblazon, and I got two books in the mail!! The Dreamkeeper by Mikey Brooks and Curse at Zala Manor by BBH McChiller. Now you put all these things together and you have serendipity for sure!! These books are a little bigger than my usual reading fare and it will take me awhile to get through them, but I’ll try to do a report on them before toooo long.

And I’ll leave you with some magic from the Lovin’ Spoonful —

I hope you discover some serendipity somewhere today —

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National Day of the Cowboy

Today is National Day of the Cowboy. I was unaware of this special day until this week! But I have learned that Glen Rose is celebrating in a big way today. It seems that in 2005 “President George Bush declared the fourth Saturday in July as the National Day of the Cowboy to honor the heritage of those who came west after the Civil War and ultimately became known as the American Cowboy.” Bush stated that ” We celebrate the Cowboy as a symbol of the grand history of the American West. The Cowboy’s love of the land and love of the country are examples for all Americans.”

To go along with this I give you Gene Autry’s Cowboy Code.


1. The Cowboy must never shoot first, hit a smaller man, or take unfair advantage.
2. He must never go back on his word.
3. He must always tell the truth.
4. He must be gentle with children, the elderly, and animals
5. He must not advocate or possess racially or religiously intolerant ideas.
6. He must help people in distress.
7. He must be a good worker.
8. He must keep himself clean in thought, speech, action, and personal habits.
9. He must respect women, parents, and his nation’s laws.
10. The Cowboy is a patriot.

Now, I’m kind of a farm dog and I spend a lot of time with kids who have horses and cows so I guess I know some cowboys. I do know quite a few people who seem to live up to that code. It seems to be something good to strive for.

When my Mom Person was a wee young thing a long time ago, she was a girl of the suburbs who dreamed of being a cowgirl. She had a horse, but no cows. It’s hard to be a real cowgirl without cows. But she lived in her world of books. And her favorite author in those days was a gentleman by the name of Will James (1892-1942). He was a real cowboy and a writer and an artist. Her favorite book was one called Smoky the Cow Horse. She read it to me when I was a wee young pup.


But today in honor of Cowboy Day, we read another Will James book that was written for younger kids called Young Cowboy. It’s actually kind of a mash-up from a couple of other books, but it was originally published in 1935 by Charles Scribner’s Sons. The book that we have was published in 2001 by Mountain Press in conjunction with the Will James Art Company. They have reprinted all of Will James’s books under the name the Tumbleweed Series.


Young Cowboy is the story of a boy, Billy Roper, and a horse, Big Enough, who are born on the same day and grow up together learning how to be good cowhands. The horse “breaking” methods are pretty out of date and style, and made me cringe a little, but the story is a good one and it is true to the times. It’s a pretty good history lesson about cowboy life. The book is filled with Mr James’s artwork and is quite stunning. It’s probably suitable for 3rd grade and up. Younger cowpokes might like to listen to the story and would surely enjoy the pictures.

So y’all head on out today and find a rodeo, or shop at a western store, or watch a good western movie on TV. Or just enjoy a good steak for dinner! And think about cowboys! YeeHaw!!!

For more on Will James you might visit the Will James Society website here.

There is a National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Ft Worth, Tx that is well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area. And there seem to be other cowgirl museums in other states. You might check that out.

The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum is in Oklahoma City. I’ve never been there. But again, there are Cowboy Museums in lots of states. Our Texas Cowboy Museum is in Ft Worth.

And if you would like to read other Cowboy Codes you can visit this website.

And for your listening and viewing pleasure here is Mr Roy Rogers singing a tribute to cowboys – Hoppy, Gene, and Me –

And Y’all come back now!

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A Rather Fowl Day!

There are several varieties of domestic critters who call the 7 Acre Wood home. One of the more interesting is our little flock of chickens. I’ve written about these chickens before. I find them quite fascinating. They spend their days wandering all over eating bugs and scratching up the flower beds. They take sand baths (which I can relate to) and love mud (which I also can relate to). They lay eggs (which I like!). But not always where they’re supposed to, so we have Easter Egg Hunts every day. They have a chicken coop that they are supposed to sleep in at night so they won’t get eaten by raccoons, but some of them prefer sleeping in the trees. Even in the rain and snow!! I have spent a lot of time studying our chickens and can’t decide if they are really dumb or really smart. We can all be out enjoying a nice day in the yard and POOF! the chickens have disappeared! One minute they’re there scratching around, the next they’re gone! Under the bushes. Then I realize a big vulture or hawk has flown over. If nothing else, the chickens are entertaining.

Now I tell you all this because I have a couple of outstanding chicken books to share with you!


the problem with chickens The Problem With Chickens is by Bruce McMillan and illustrated by Gunnella. It was published in 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Co. It’s a story that takes place in Iceland where the illustrator is from and the author has spent summers. In a small village the ladies would collect eggs from some wild birds that live on cliffs. But it was very difficult to get these eggs so the ladies traveled to the city and got some chickens. Everybody was very happy for awhile – until the chickens started acting like the ladies! The pictures of the chickens doing what the ladies do are hilarious!! Silly chickens! And then the chickens stopped laying eggs! Now I’m not going to tell you how the ladies solved this problem! You’ll have to read the book to find out! But trust me — you will like this whimsical book! It is a funny, thought provoking read. And tells you a lot about chickens!

Big ChickensBig Chickens is by Leslie Helakoski and illustrated by Henry Cole. (Mr Cole is responsible for another book I did recently – Unspoken). Big Chickens was published in 2006 by Puffin Books. It is another really funny book! I wonder if it is possible to write a serious book about chickens? This is the story of four BIG hens who are scared out of their coop by a wolf and run into the woods. They encounter several obstacles in the woods that scare them crazy, but they manage to surmount these obstacles and go on their way. It’s a tale of facing your fears and marching ahead. And in the end they prevail. A funny, funny read aloud with silly, silly pictures. And this book also tells you a lot about chickens!

IMG_1776So the next time you’re out hunting or shopping for eggs, give some thought to those strange creatures that laid those eggs.

Here is a link to some pretty good chicken jokes (if you are so inclined) – click HERE.

And a little musical entertainment –

Have a nice day!

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The Magic that is Natalie Babbitt

inspiring-image-2I was recently awarded this lovely Very Inspiring Blogger Award from my friends at the DogDaz Zoo. You might go visit Sofie and Louise and all the cats over there. They seem to always be having a good time. This award is quite an honor for me! It’s nice to think that I might be inspiring somebody, somewhere. I find inspiration in Winnie the Pooh. He is the essence of simple joy. This conversation with Piglet says things quite well – “What day is it?” asked Pooh. “It’s today!” squeaked Piglet. “My favorite day!” said Pooh.

So, I’m setting out today, my favorite day, to INSPIRE you to discover the enchanting tales of Ms Natalie Babbit. Some of you may be familiar with her. She’s written and illustrated quite a few books. Most famously, Tuck Everlasting. When I was a wee young pup, My Girl Brenna read this one to me and I was smitten. It is a fun tale about a family that finds a spring that gives them eternal life. It is an imaginative, humorous, sad story about the good and bad of living forever. I believe that a movie was made from this book.

Well, on our recent outing to Half Price Books in Dallas, I discovered two picture books by Ms Babbitt. She is now my favorite author of the moment!! I LOVE these books! I love the stories and I love the illustrations.


Bub or the Very Best Thing was published in 1994 by Michael di Capua Books. It’s the story of a King and Queen who are trying to find out what’s the very best thing for their little Prince. This book was written for Ms Babbitt’s grandson who stars in the tale. And all the characters are members of Ms Babbitt’s family. Including the dog who appears to be the little Prince’s nanny. At least his constant companion. I won’t tell you what they all discover. You’ll have to read the book!


Elsie Times Eight was published in 2001, again by Michael di Capua Books. This story stars Ms Babbitt’s granddaughter. Elsie is a young girl with a very inept fairy godmother. The fairy godmother doesn’t hear very well and misunderstands things and then does some very silly magic. Elsie gets turned into EIGHT Elsies!! And then total chaos ensues! It is quite a hilarious tale!

The artwork in these books is quite exquisite. The characters just come alive with such expression! And the tales themselves are delightful. I love Ms Babbitt.

You can read an interview with her here.

A list of some of her books on GoodReads here.

Ms Babbitt reads from Tuck Everlasting

I hope you find some magic in your day today! It’s the best day ever!

Your friend — Rhythm

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Take Your Poet to Work Day

According to Book Patrol, today was Take Your Poet to Work Day!

We didn’t take a poet, but we did take some poetry to work! Work being the library today. And not that the library doesn’t have it’s own share of poetry, but we have a couple of good books that I wanted to share on Poet Day.

Copy of IMG_2510IMG_2512

Both of these books, Loose Leashes and Dog-Gone School are by a husband and wife team – Ron and Amy Schmidt. Ron does the photography and Amy does the poems. And what a great team they make!!

We have had Loose Leashes in our home library for quite some time and use it a lot. It has inspired quite a few detention kids to write their own poems. It was published in 2009 by Random House Children’s Books. Each page spread has a full page photo of a dog or dogs doing some silly things – like driving a car or going surfing or cutting down trees. And each photo is accompanied by a poem. Some are short and some are rather long. These poems probably work well for 3rd grade and up. But younger kids will enjoy the photos.

Dog-Gone School, I think, works well for the younger set. The poems are a little simpler. There is a note in the front of the book that tells what kind of poem each of them is. This is a new book just published in 2013 by the same publisher, Random House Children’s Books.

Here is a link to the Loose Leashes Facebook page.

And since the day was about poetry, the girls who read with us today picked out a hilarious book from the library shelves. The Great Nursery Rhyme Disaster by David Conway and illustrated by Melanie Williamson. You can find out more about them by clicking on their names.

IMG_2507Copy of IMG_2509

This book was published in 2008 by Tiger Tales. This is one crazy book and had everybody laughing! It starts with Little Miss Muffet being bored with being in the same old nursery rhyme and wanting a change. So she jumps onto another page of the book to see if she will like another rhyme better. She goes from one rhyme to the next, never finding one that she’s happy with and creating chaos wherever she lands. In the end, all of the nursery rhymes are all mixed up, nobody is in the right rhyme and Miss Muffet decides to tiptoe back to her own. EEEEEEEK!

This was a fun, fun read aloud book!

And here is Kermit the Frog interviewing Little Miss Muffet –

Now go check out some poets!
And thanks for visiting — Rhythm

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The Play’s the Thing


HeeHaw at the Intermediate School

I have done a little acting in my time. Small parts in some musical productions at school.

Rescuing the baby from the burning building

Rescuing the baby from the burning building

And in plays put on by the Boys of the Detention Center. Last year the boys wrote and produced a play about working dogs. They put a lot of work into that production and Walker and I had starring roles.

This year a different group of guys decided to do a play as well. They decided to write about military dogs. And of course Walker and I filled those parts! In preparation for doing this play, everyone had to learn about military dogs and what kinds of things they actually did. We got the boys a couple of great books about war dogs. Wow! Those dogs are some real super heroes!!! We all learned a lot!


Dogs on Duty is by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent. Ms Patent is a pretty prolific writer of non-fiction books for kids. (We have another excellent book of hers titled The Right Dog For the Job). Dogs on Duty was published in 2012 by Walker Publishing. Walker Publishing. How about that? This is one incredible book! Unbelievable photos of military dogs in action. There is a history of dogs being used in wartime, from ancient days til today. In WWI dogs were used as messengers and as Red Cross dogs helping wounded soldiers. In WWII a civilian group called Dogs for Defense encouraged people to volunteer their family pets to the war effort. Over 9,000 dogs served, saving the lives of thousands of soldiers. Through the years, the role of dogs during war has expanded to being scouts and sentries and alert dogs sniffing out enemies and IEDs and hidden weapons.

The book tells us about the training that goes into making a military dog, the equipment that they wear, (which is a whole lot of stuff!), and what life is like in a war zone. There are lots and lots of pictures. In the back of the book is a glossary and lists of websites and books for further resources. A most excellent book!!!

Now, back to that play. The play was about a group of soldiers in Afghanistan trying to take a city. Walker once had a class in sniffing out scents so he got to be the bomb alert dog and sniffed out IEDs. I was the Red Cross dog taking medical supplies to the wounded. The boys researched the whole thing, wrote it out with script and scenes and the works, then acted. They did such a good job!!! They had to learn to work as a team – cooperation! They had to read and write – which some of them didn’t care to do. They had to learn to communicate with each other and with us dogs – how to get the best from someone.

I’m very proud of our boys!!

Here is a link to a very interesting article in the Smithsonian Magazine about the Education of a Bomb Dog

And a military dog’s story –

A Big Day in Big D!

IMG_2478As Willie Nelson once sang — We’re on the road again! Our monthly road trip to visit my magical acupuncturist, Dr Bruton. It’s a long drive to his office, but well worth it. I usually take a nap, but sometimes I watch the world go by. In the busy mornings, though it’s mostly cars and big trucks. People in a hurry. Boring. The Mom Person keeps the music going and sometimes we sing along with James Taylor.

IMG_2479Here’s the sign out in front of Dr Bruton’s office. I’ll give you the answer later. I got the needles this trip. And when all was over and done with, I felt like dancing!! And after we left, guess what I got?

IMG_2481Yes, indeedy! Chick-fil-A Fries!!! UMMMMMMMMM UMMMMMM!

Nothing better!

Next stop – a visit to see my Nanny who lives down the road apiece — in Big D, Dallas!IMG_2911

IMG_2482Guess what Nanny keeps in this cupboard? Yes, indeedy! Dogtreats! She is the best Nanny ever! We hung around Nanny’s for awhile and I got to play some ball and visit with my little buddy, Charlie.


After a nice visit there, we moved on to my Mom Person’s favorite shopping experience – Half Price Books. This is a humongous big ole book store that allows people to bring their pets shopping with them! I don’t often see other pets when we go, but occasionally I do. Mostly dogs, but once a giant lizard on a guy’s shoulder! And once a flying squirrel in a guys pocket! It’s a good thing my buddy Cisco wasn’t with us then because he would’ve gone crazy! Anyway, we spent a LONG time here. The Mom Person ALWAYS spends a long time here, but today she had to find books for birthdays and babies.


We got a few books for ourselves as well. I’ll be telling you about them some other day.

From the book store, we traveled on to White Rock Lake. A lovely spot right in the middle of Dallas. Many years ago, for a short while, we lived by this lake and I got to spend a lot of time getting to know the ducks that live there. Today, I was just excited to get out and follow the scent trails. Oh the smells!! Ummmmm Ummmmm!


And that brought our Big Day to an end. Back to Glen Rose — just in time for dinner!!

And here’s the answer to that riddle —

IMG_2480I hope your days are filled with adventure and plenty of scent trails to follow. Life is good!!

Eating out

The other day I told you all about some fine “eating out” opportunities in Glen Rose. While doing that post, we did a lot of reading at the library of books about eating out at restaurants and just eating in general. The fine Library Ladies did some research and came up with a big stack of books. Whew! You would not believe how many picture books there are about eating out!! I picked out my favorites to share with you.


img407The Berenstain Bears are always a fun read. And a favorite with most kids. The Berenstain Bears Go Out to Eat is a nice story about a nice family who does their chores without whining, they work hard, and are considerate of one another. It was written by Jan & Mike Berenstain and published by Harper Festival in 2010. The family decides to take Mama out to dinner because she works hardest of anyone. The dinner out does not go completely smoothly, but no one complains or gets upset. They enjoy each other’s company and the kids even eat their broccoli! And Mama says it’s just what she needed!!

froggyFroggy Eats Out is by Jonathan London with illustrations by Frank Remkiewicz. It was published by Viking in 2001. Froggy is another favorite. He is such a joyfully enthusiastic critter! In this story, Froggy is hungry and dreaming about burgers and flies. Flies! His mother tells him that they are going out to eat at a fancy restaurant to celebrate their anniversary. Froggy has to put on his nice clothes – zip, zut, zoop! Then they’re off to the fancy restaurant where mother says he has to “be neat, be quiet, and don’t put your feet on the table.” Froggy has a hard time being still and does a lot of silly things and ends up making a big embarrassing mess. So they decide they need to go eat at a fast flies place instead and there they have a wonderful time. Happy ending!

img406On Top of Spaghetti was written and illustrated by Paul Brett Johnson and based on the song with lyrics by Tom Glazer. It was published by Scholastic Press in 2006. This is a really cute, funny book. It’s the story of Yodeler Jones who has a spaghetti restaurant and decides he needs to come up with the most dee-licious meatball around. But his helper mouse SNEEZED! and the meatball rolled out of the door — and the chase is on! The meatball flies down the street ricocheting off people’s heads until it lands under a bush and turns into mush. And if you know the song — you know what happens next! Words and music for the song are at the end of the book. And recipes are on the back. An all around yummy book!!

princess pickyPrincess Picky is by Marjorie Priceman and published by Roaring Brook Press in 2002. It’s about a princess who refuses to eat her vegetables. Her worried dad, the King, orders his staff to come up with fantastic bribes to entice her to eat. The bribes are all pretty silly until the wizard asks her what she wants and then gives her some magic seeds that will surely bring her all of those things. It’s a cute book with some wacky, fun illustrations.

dinosAnd since I live in the Land of the Dinosaurs, of course I have a dinosaur book for you! How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? is by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Mark Teague. It was published by Blue Sky Press in 2005. This duo makes for great books. There is a whole series of these books about how dinosaurs do things — like say good night, and get well, and count to ten and ….. I love all of these books and you need to check them all out because they are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!!

neverAnd I think my favorite of this bunch of books is a Charlie and Lola book titled I Will Never NOT EVER Eat a Tomato. I LOVE Charlie and Lola, and so do the kids at the library. This is another series of fun books by Lauren Child. I love the pictures in these books — they’re kind of collages with real photos mixed in with simple artwork. This story is kind of like the picky princess. Here, Lola is the picky princess. She won’t eat anything until Charlie figures out how to trick her into eating. He’s very clever!!! And you’ll have to read it to find out what he does!!

Here is the official website for the Berenstain Bears

A video interview with Mark Teague

And a special TREAT!  Little Richard sings On Top of Spaghetti!

Happy? 4th of July!

camp gracie day 2 015The 4th of July is not our favorite holiday around here. It means parades – that’s fun. It means hot dogs and burgers — that’s really fun. It means Happy Birthday to America – that’s nice.

But it also means fireworks. And that means LOUD noise and FIRE. And that makes for a very stressful couple of days. We live in a rural area and everybody loves to shoot off fireworks. They start on July the 3rd and go all through the night and then the day of July 4th. I can hear them now as I’m telling you about it! We also live in a VERY DRY area. So sparks from fireworks are a potentially scary thing.

I don’t mind the fireworks one way or another, but my buddy Cisco thinks it’s lots of thunder and he gets major stressed. And the Mom Person stays stressed because she worries that our pasture and woods will go up in blazes of glory.

camp gracie day 2 028camp gracie day 2 018

So we watch the parade in town and then spend the rest of the time worrying.

I hope that you are taking care of your dogs during this stressful holiday and staying safe. I highly recommend a series of CDs made especially for calming dogs. It’s called Through A Dog’s Ear and was created by Lisa Specter and Joshua Leeds. You can find out all about it on their website here.

And here is a sample of Ms Specter playing some of this music –


Well, you’ve floated down the river and driven through Fossil Rim and fed all those yummy pellets to the giraffe. I’ll bet you’re feeling a little hungry about now. Let me introduce you to some fine eating establishments in Glen Rose!

We’ll start with my very favorite place to go — Dairy Queen!!!


I don’t know if all of you folks out there are familiar with this fine eatery. It’s kind of a Texas icon. They’re famous for their ice cream treats. Cones and Dilly Bars and Buster Bars and shakes and cakes and Blizzards.  But they also make burgers and chicken and FRENCH FRIES! Whenever Walker and I go to work – to the library or the detention center or the hospital, we get to go get french fries afterwards. And DQ has the best! AND, they always have dog biscuits for us as well! The BEST place!

We have other burger places in town as well. The Green Pickle has a large variety of burgers and chicken fried steak. And I know that they have excellent burgers because they are always tooo big for the Mom Person to finish so she brings some home to share with us.

IMG_2252Another favorite establishment is the Storiebook Cafe. It’s a cafe and bookstore all in one! They offer sandwiches and soup and stuff like that. And you can browse the books while you’re there. I’ve had doggie bags from here as well and I can testify that they make very fine sandwiches! No fries though.

There are a couple of Barbecue places in town. The Ranch House is especially dog friendly. They used to have a big porch where it was ok for dogs to come sleep under the table and soak in the good smells. They have recently enclosed said porch which is a sad thing. Hammonds is the other Barbecue place. They have a big buffet for lunchtime guests. And doggie bags from both of these places are yummmmmy!

There are several Mexican restaurants and pizza places and pretty much your choice of fast food places. No McDonalds! This makes the Mom Person very happy for some reason. There’s a Chinese restaurant and a Cajun one. We’re pretty multi-cultural here. There’s even — Hollywood and Vine! They’re mostly a burger joint but I understand they have other stuff on the menu as well.


Several of these places have live music on weekends. The Hollywood and Vine, Storiebook Cafe and The Green Pickle. I’ve heard some of this music from afar and it’s pretty good stuff.

When you go to restaurants, I happen to know that sometimes you have to wait around a lot. To get a table, to get a menu, to get your food. And all that waiting can get pretty boring. I know. I’ve been there! Well, I have just the thing for you! A book of course!


While You’re Waiting for the Food to Come is a must have book for any dining event. It is by Eric Muller with illustrations by Eldon Doty. It was published by Orchard Books in 1999. It is “A Tabletop Science Activity Book” subtitled “experiments and tricks that can be done at a restaurant, the dining room table, or wherever food is served.” 76 pages of all kinds of fun stuff to do at the table! With a glossary and further resources at the back. Excellent!

And now to finish it all off you can stop by and visit the Pie Peddlers!! Ms Ford and Ms Cagle used to be Kindergarten teachers and I used to visit them at school. But now they make pies! Every kind of pie you can think of! Chocolate and Pecan and Cherry and Apple and on and on and on………

IMG_2399They were recently voted Best Pie in Texas by the Texas Country Reporter, a Texas travel TV show. They are a couple of really friendly ladies and their pie shop is a good place to kick back and relax. I highly recommend that cherry pie!

Now after you’ve filled your belly with all this fine food, you might want to just stay the night in Glen Rose. We have several nice motels and quite a few Bed & Breakfast places with mighty fine beds. Some are right in town and some are on the rivers.

I’m going to leave you with some links to more information if you are so inclined.

IMG_1722Y’all come on out for a visit some time! There’s plenty to see and do around here. I didn’t even tell you about the Expo Center where there are rodeos and horse shows and dog shows — something every weekend. And our passion play, The Promise, that has performances in an outdoor amphitheater during the fall. And our art museums and regular events for artists. Whew! Always something!

Visit Glen Rose website

Glen Rose CVB website

Glen Rose Expo and Amphitheater website

Now a little musical send-off – about PIE! See ya!