Rhythm in the Glen

I’ve been dreaming of road trips, but alas, My Mom Person claims to have no time for such things right now. So instead, I’ve decided to take y’all on a road trip — to Glen Rose, Texas. My home town!IMG_2436 Glen Rose is in north central Texas about 90 miles southwest of the Dallas/Ft Worth area. It is the county seat of Somervell County, the 3rd smallest county in the state.


Glen Rose is a smallish kind of town. There aren’t any big tall buildings like I see in Dallas. And we don’t have a lot of traffic. What we do have is an abundance of natural geographical and geological wonders. We get lots of tourists coming out to enjoy all the cool stuff that I live with all the time.  I’ve already told you about our fossils and dinosaurs. Dinosaur Valley State Park is a great place for camping, hiking, swimming, fishing and dinosaur hunting. Fossil hunters and dinosaur enthusiasts come from far and wide.

There are 2 rivers that converge in Glen Rose.


Paluxy River


dog party on the Paluxy

The Paluxy River, which is the one that runs past our place and the one that I play in, and the Brazos River, which is a bigger river and probably more well known. There is a famous writer who lives in Glen Rose, Mr John Graves, who wrote a couple of books about the area. He once took a three week canoe trip down the Brazos River before they built some dams on it, and then he wrote a book called Goodbye to a River. This is a most excellent book that I highly recommend! A lot of folks come to this area to enjoy our rivers. They bring canoes and kayaks and tubes to float in. There are some places in town where you can rent these things as well.

We dogs don’t need canoes or tubes. We can have a good time just splashing and swimming! And some people like these activities as well, but some folks like to have some kind of vehicle to propel themselves down the river.


There are also two lakes in the county for fishing and boating activities. I understand that they provide for some pretty good fishing. I’ve never been on a boat before. I’ve tried some fishing in my river. I hear that it’s supposed to be a relaxing, meditative kind of activity, but those fish are too quick for me and that makes for a stressful, frustrating kind of activity.


Big Rocks Park on the Paluxy

Along with the water enthusiasts and the rock hounds and the camper folks, we get a lot of bikers riding through the area. The motor kind and the pedal kind. There are some really tough hills that challenge the best of them. There is a ranch called the Solavaca Ranch that has created some trails for mountain bikers and they have BIG events several times a year. In the fall we have the Paluxy Pedal for those bikers who prefer riding on the roads. Participants have a choice of distances to ride from 29 mi. without “the Wall”  up to 80 mi. with “the Wall”. I’ve not ever seen that Wall, but by the time those bikers pedal past our house they’re looking pretty tired.

barbarosaThe Wall (2)[1]

The Wall – google image

solavaca ranch

Solavaca Ranch

And then there are the golf courses! We have 2 courses to choose from if you are into golf. I don’t play golf myself, my Mom Person says golf balls are too small for me to play with. So I can’t tell you a lot about our golf courses except that they are very popular. There are LOTS of golfers in Glen Rose!

I think that pretty much covers the local activities available for the energetic folks. But I’ve got a lot more to tell you about! Later —

For your reference if you’re ever out this way – some useful links —

Glen Rose CVB
Visit Glen Rose website

Rhodes Canoe Rental
Low Water Canoe Rental

Squaw Creek Reservoir
Wheeler Branch Reservoir

Squaw Valley Golf Club

And a clip about that book – Goodbye to a River

And another of Mr John Graves himself –

27 thoughts on “Rhythm in the Glen

  1. Thank you Rhythm for sharing your beloved community. It is geologically rich. Didn’t know about the dinosaur park where people can search for fossils. The rivers are beautiful, and probably the life of the community. Liked your photos. But, I really enjoyed the videos you shared — especially the one of John Graves — it was so laid back and peaceful Interesting insight about how the land changed. Sounds like he wrote one great book about the rivers, which are beautiful. Don’t you have to be concerned about snakes in the water while tubing or splashing in the water? Beautiful rivers.

    • Thanks for going on the tour with me! Yes, life in Glen Rose seems to revolve around the rivers. I really liked that video of Mr Graves as well. It seems to embody what life in Glen Rose is all about. He is a remarkable man. I think you would like his books. Am I concerned about snakes in the river? Not really. I’m sure they’re out there — this is prime real estate for snakes and we encounter them on occasion. I don’t like the smell of them. But I’ve never encountered any in the river. I think the playing and splashing keeps them away. And it can be a pretty swiftly flowing river. I think snakes like stiller water. We do see turtles and fish and lots of water birds. It’s a fun place to sniff around.

    • Thanks Misaki! I’m actually in a kayak. The canoe is the big gray thing behind me. It wasn’t bad lounging in the kayak in the parking lot. I don’t know if I would want to be in it on the water. I’d rather just be in the water!

  2. Hi Rhythm,
    Now that’s great post about Glen Rose. I’ve already added that and the area to my bucket list of travek destinations. Maybe for the Paluxy Pedal, as my wife and I really like bicycling. But if so, it would definitely be without The Wall. 😉 Unfortunately the Paluxy Pedal seems to be in eraly October and this year we’ll be on a tour in Germany at that time. But maybe some other time.
    Take care, and have a great weekend,
    P.S.: And maybe yoiu’ll cool off in the rivers with our current temps in Texas.

    • Thanks Pit! If y’all are bikers you sure need to check out the Paluxy Pedal. It draws big crowds of bike folks. And our wildlife park, Fossil Rim, has a bike ride several times a year called Ride the Rim. I don’t do bikes myself. And i wish I could cool off in the river, but it’s going dry! So I have to resort to sprinklers! Are y’all glad to be home?

      • I’m sorry to hear the river is going dry. 😦 And yes, we’re glad to be home, even if it’s such a difference from cool/cold England [quite a few times in the upper 40s] to hot (and humid) southern Texas.
        Have agreat weekend, and stay cool under tzhe sprinklers,

  3. That dog party looks so much fun! I would love living in your region as I like to do the same sort of things you like.

  4. I don’t kno how you have time for this –but you do a terrific job as a author and photographer and Rhytm does a good job of telling you what to write!!!!!love you,mom


  5. Ok, it is official, another visit to Glen Rose, Texas is on my “must-do” list. I say another visit because I went to Tarleton State U in Stephenville circa 1979-1982. My major was geology, geography minor, so of course I was interested in Glen Rose. Some fellow students from Taiwan and I visited Glen Rose to study the dinosaur tracks. We had a great time that day! I have an 8×10 photo of all of us at the picnic shelter in the state park!
    I love everything you’ve taught me about in the post, but especially love learning about John Graves. I will be getting his books too.

    • Well, you’re an old hat at Glen Rose! I’m glad that I could share Mr Graves with you. He is a fine gentleman with some fine books. I think you will enjoy them. i suggest Goodbye to a River and Hard Scrabble as great historical accounts of this region. Enjoy!

  6. Hi Rhythm,
    Thanks for poiting me towards Jihn Graves and his books. Today I got two fantastic picture books with texts be John Graves and pictures by Wyman Meinzer, “Texas Rivers” & “Texas Hill Country”. They’re wonderful. I still have to get John Graves’ “Goodbye to a River”, though.
    Best regards, and take care,

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