Going Traveling

I’ve been in a traveling mood. We do some traveling most every day. Going to the Big City. But I know all those routes and I’m ready for some adventure.

We have a couple of books in our home library that are about animals on adventures. I’ve been pawing through these books and daydreaming. Wondering why my Mom Person isn’t more adventurous.

Copy of IMG950653

buns travels

Buns Travels Across America is about a rabbit who travels to a whole bunch of fun places all across America. A rabbit! The book was done by David Love and his rabbit, Cottonpaw. It was published by Cotton Tale Press in 1992. It’s got some great pictures of Buns the rabbit at the Statue of Liberty and Niagra Falls and the Grand Canyon and the Alamo and the beach! Even in Hollywood! (I’ve been to Hollywood!  – in Glen Rose, Tx) —IMG_2253  But I haven’t been to the REAL Hollywood! That Buns is one lucky rabbit! And this is a pretty good book. Besides all the nice pictures of a cute rabbit, each picture is accompanied by a little history lesson. A fun way to learn some good stuff! And Buns has a website the you might want to visit here to learn more about him and his travels.

joe and sallyJoe and Sally : A Long Way From Home is a book about penguins who travel all over the world! But these aren’t real penguins. They’re like great big toy penguins. Now isn’t that funny! This book is the creation of Willy Puchner. It was published by Penguin Books (where else?!) in 1993.

Mr Puchner found Joe and Sally in a craft shop in Vienna. For 3 years they traveled together all over the world. Joe and Sally sometimes traveled in a box with lots of padding. They sometimes traveled by car or in a backpack. They always had 2 people to carry them around. This is a really comical book because Joe and Sally really look like 2 tourists admiring the sights. Joe even has a camera around his neck! A word of warning though, there are a couple of pages of rather risque photos from their visit to Paris, so I don’t think the book is appropriate for kids. There are pictures of the penguins at various beaches around the world. They visit Thailand and Egypt, where they are pictured with the pyramids and the Sphinx. They visit London, and Paris, and New York, Italy and Germany, but not Hollywood. It is a fun travelogue and I can imagine that the people who helped Joe and Sally enjoy their travels had a very good time with it all.


So, Walker and I are wondering where we would like to go on our travels. To foreign lands? Or somewhere closer to home? Big City or hiking in some woods? Or lounging on the beach? Maybe you could tell us of anything interesting where you live?

And maybe we’ll go to the library and find more books that fill the imagination.

And here is a really cool traveling music video from Josh Ritter

8 thoughts on “Going Traveling

  1. Road trips sound fun. I really do not know myself. I have two cats and neither of them is fond of riding in the car. Maybe because it usually means vet time and taking temperatures and sticking them with sharp objects. But we do go for walks, well one of them does. The youngest is a true scaredy-cat. I hope you go on some fun trips and bring back lots of pictures. I really enjoyed the pictures of you swimming, fishing, and going nose-to-nose with the other animals on the farm. Looked like a fun day.

    • I don’t know if a road trip with a cat would be fun. The thought of days in close quarters with our cat is a scary one! When we ever get to go on our road trip I’ll be sure and share with you!

  2. Sounds like some interesting travel adventures. Louise and Sofie are not happy car dogs, but Squash and Nikki used to come with me, many many trips. There is a wonderful world out there. Books bring it home. Thanks

    • Well, I’m sad for Louise and Sofie that they don’t like being in the car. I’ve had friends like that. The car made them throw up. Such a sad thing. We even had a guide dog puppy that was afraid to get near car tires. Once she got in the car she was ok. But getting her past the tires was a chore. She was kind of a fruitcake anyway. I hope Louise and Sofie get to “travel” in books. Do they like to read with you?

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