20 thoughts on “Dinner Time!

  1. Rhythm, you have the same slow-feeder bowl as I do. Except mine is red. You look very calm and patient. I stare at Mom so hard, she thinks I’m trying to cut her to shreds with my laser beam eyes. I love dinner!!

    • That’s actually Walker’s bowl. It happened to be handy when I needed something to cuddle. And I think that that picture is an after dinner shot. When I was full and happy. I’ll bet you can do a pretty good song and dance! Maybe we should work up an act!

  2. You know what Mad Martha saw out at the vet’s today? A dog bowl that was in the shape of a maze…supposedly it is designed to stimulate the dog’s brain as they scrabble and scrape to get the food pellets from the centre of the bowl, through the maze, to the exit, whereupon it can be eaten in a satisfying fashion. Sounds like a good idea from a human brain…maybe not appreciated as much by the dog!

    • That is pretty funny. Humans seem to find great satisfaction in making us dogs work for our meals. I know some dogs who never get a full satisfying meal in a bowl. It’s a trick and a kibble here and a trick and a kibble there — all throughout the day. Why I ask?!

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