Road Trip

Well, school’s out and I guess that means summer is here. And summer means travel for lots of folks. The virtual world is all about travel these days. The book bloggers are putting up lists of their favorite travel books. The kid bloggers are talking about keeping kids happy in the car. Ads for Disney World are everywhere! Summer means road trips and camping and family reunions and FUN!

Last week we visited Ms Julie’s 2nd grade class. We read a book called Road Trip. And we talked all about road trips. Most of the kids had been on them before and were hoping to go again this summer. Some of them took their dogs along! Nobody took their cat.


The book Road Trip is by Roger Eschbacher with illustrations by Thor Wickstrom. ( I really like that name – Thor Wickstrom!) And I really like his artwork. These were some fun, happy travelers. Road Trip was published by Dial Books for Young Readers in 2006. It tells the tale of a family going on a road trip to Grandma’s house for a family reunion. A two day trip. It’s told in rhyme which is always fun to me. They start early in the morning and the kids soon get to arguing until Mom starts singing The Ants Go Marching. When they get tired of those ants they do the Hokey Pokey! Have you ever done the Hokey Pokey in the car? Crazy! They play lots of games in the car and even stop at a Truck Stop!! Just like the book Truck Stop! They stay at a motel and visit roadside attractions like Bunyan’s Hive. The class really liked Bunyan’s Hive! The reunion at Grandma’s is lots of fun — but then they have to drive back again. And it sure is nice to get home!!

The class really liked this book and gave it all thumbs up.

Now I’ve got a book list for you! If you’re going on a road trip with kids, they need entertainment. Trust me! I know! I’ve been there and done that. So this is a list of books that we have in our library at home that have some great stuff for entertainment.

fun on the runFun on the Run is by Joanna Cole (as in Magic School Bus) and Stephanie Calmenson. It’s illustrated by Alan Tiegreen. (That’s a good name – Tiegreen!) The book was published by Morrow Junior Books in 1999. It’s FULL of great games from word games to memory games to license plate games to geography games. It has jokes and riddles and songs! Like The Ants Go Marching and Oh Susanna and The Wheels on the Bus. Great stuff!

car songbookThe Family Car Songbook was researched and edited by Tam Mossman and has illustrations by Jim Wilson and Verlin Miller and Suzanne Clee. It was published by Running Press in 1983. It has 63 pages of song lyrics. It does not have The Ants or The Wheels on the Bus. It does have Oh Susanna and She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain and The Yellow Rose of Texas!! What more could you ask for?! (an interesting aside to this book. I couldn’t find much info on its creators. There is a Suzanne Clee who decorates fine china for Lenox. There are all kinds of Verlin Millers, but no artists that I found. But there is a website devoted to Jim Wilson. Not just one Jim Wilson but 100!) Check it out!

travel gamesThe Usborne Book of Car Travel Games is a little book by Tony Potter. It was edited by Jenny Tyler and has illustrations by Iain Ashman and Chris Lyon and Guy Smith. The book has no publishing info in it, but according to Amazon, it was published by E.D.C. Publishing in 1988. This book has games in it, but it also has car trip instructions. Like what things to take, how to read a map, how to keep a travel log. It has your usual car games, but also has some kind of board games in the book. It’s pretty cool for a little book.

cars and trucksAnd MY Favorite — Richard Scarry‘s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. This book was published by Harper Collins in 1974. It’s been entertaining kids for a VERY LONG TIME!! And doing a good job of it. This book can keep a kid happy and engrossed for a VERY LONG TIME! This is a must have on a long road trip.

So now I’m ready to pack up and head out!!

IMG_2157Walker and I have packed our suitcase. We have our tennis balls, our favorite toys, brush, toothbrush, banana chips, my best pink blanket and Walker’s chewed up best raccoon. And our favorite books! Now we just need a place to go! Preferably some place with water. Maybe a good hiking trail. Walker wants a forest with lots of bark to chew on.

And here’s a little music to get you in the mood for the road —

and –

11 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. I love that the authors felt there was a need for a whole songbook for family car rides…although I think you’ll need a Partidge family style bus to fit the whole orchestral compliment in!

    • I guess you’ve never been on a long family car ride. The ants go marching gets pretty old pretty fast. Variety is a must! It says on the front — “HUNDREDS of miles of fun!” And as for that orchestra, I would need some earplugs with those horns blaring! The book does have quite a variety. Something for every taste. Are you familiar with Kookaburra? And then there’s Goober Peas!

  2. Road trip! Whoo-Hoo! That is my favorite thing. Mom likes all of these car activity books and ideas. She blows a gasket when she sees kids on road trips staring at screens in the back seat. Some good memories come from family times in the car. Not so much from staring at DVDs or putting on headphones and playing games alone.

    Love and licks and banana chips – Mmmmm,

  3. I remember packing small crates for backseat riders full of books and mazes, puzzles, magnetic checkers (and later, chess) – and a bag for me full of printouts from those awesome activity books: car bingo, I spy, the license plate game – plus books on tape, and Wee-Sing tapes with sing-along songs. The journey is a big part of the “getting there”, whether by car, train or plane.

    • Sounds like y’all had some FUN road trips!! My human folks love road trips and pack all kinds of stuff too. When I get to go, I get bones and toys to chew on and we make lots of stops so I can stretch my legs and check out good smells. Journeys are a good thing.

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