ABCs in the USA

I’ve done a little traveling in my time. Not a lot. But some.

I’ve lived in T is for TexasIMG_5532

and in F is for Florida.palm beach      I’ve seen a lot of Texas. Not so much of Florida. Just the Tampa area where I was in training to be a

G is for guide dog.img338

In Texas, I’ve seen some big cities, like D is for DallasIMG_2911.

And little towns, like G is for Glen Rose.IMG_1601  where we have

D is for dinosaurs.dino valley 3-08 014 and R is for rivers.031911173620

Recently my friend Macy read me a really cool alphabet book — ABC  USA by Martin Jarrie. It was published by Sterling Publishing Co. in 2005.

IMG_1375Each letter of the alphabet is represented by something related to the USA! From A is for Alligator to G is for the Grand Canyon to P is for Pilgrims to Z is for Zydeco. Zydeco. Cool word. We had to look that one up and see what it was about. It’s about cool music!

At the back of the book is a glossary that tells you about each word. Did you know that the alligator is the largest reptile in North America and is the state reptile of F is for Florida?!



The illustrations are pretty awesome. Kind of old fashioned and quirky. I like quirky. It was fun reading this book with Macy. She laughed at a lot of the pictures and asked a lot of questions. Why did they do T is for Tractors instead of T is for Texas? What’s Jazz? What’s the Underground Railroad? It made for a good history lesson.

It was a fun book and I think you should check it out!

And in case you’re unfamiliar with Zydeco —

20 thoughts on “ABCs in the USA

  1. R, I am not a real kid anymore but reading this blog makes me want to go to my local L for library and check out every single book you read! I’m going to start making a list of the books and make a point of going to my library to read these. Serious.
    I bet I would love ABC USA like you and Macy did. I have traveled a lot. I love books with glossaries. Glad you mentioned that. I bet you guys learned a lot reading this book and looking things up.
    Yes, Zydeco is a cool word and so is this You Tube video. It got me energized. I’m sending the link to some of my friends.

  2. F is also for Friendswood and H is for Houston … if you’re ever in the area … just sayin’. LOVE this post … and I recently uncovered an underground railroad book I think you’ll like. It’s called Unspoken and it’s by a retired librarian; I think his name is Henry Cole. Anyway, check it out ’cause I think you and your mom person will be mesmerized by it.

  3. This looks like a great book and what a wonderful way to introduce it. Thank you! It is on our TBR list.

    I have just gotten over being sick and I missed reading your blog so much. I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and read all the posts I’ve missed. 🙂

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