Dreamin’ of the Beach

I mentioned before that the House Humans went to the beach last weekend. Without me. They had a fabulous time! Without me. I stayed at home with Walker and Cisco and Mr Alphabet. And our Caretaker, who is nice enough. But, no beach for us.

So, what did we do you might ask. Well, I’m not telling!!

Well, maybe I’ll tell some.


Walker and I spent a lot of time in bed. The Mom Person’s bed. Reading. Beach books. Dreaming of being at the beach. Swimming in the surf. Rolling in the sand. Rolling on dead fish. Digging sand castles.

It was not so bad. We read some pretty good books and I’ll share them with you.

sally goes to the beachSally Goes to the Beach is by Stephen Huneck. It was published by Harry J. Abrams, Inc. in 2000. I LOVE Sally! She does a lot of traveling and goes on a lot of adventures. Mr Huneck is one of my favorite artists. Maybe because he’s all about dogs. Especially Labs! In this book Sally has great fun at the beach playing with other dogs and discovering ocean life. It’s an especially wonderful book!

img336Melrose and Croc, Beside the Sea is by Emma Chichester Clark.  It was published by Harper Collins Children’s Books in 2007. I like this book because Melrose looks a lot like me! And because it’s about two friends who care about each other. Croc is grumpy and Melrose doesn’t know why so he cheers him up with a fun trip to the beach. It ‘s all about what friendship should be. There are a lot of Melrose and Croc books.

img335Lottie’s New Beach Towel is by Petra Mathers. It was published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers in 1998. Lottie is a funny hen who is going on a picnic with her friend Herbie. She has a brand new beach towel that ends up coming in very handy in some funny situations. It’s a very cute book about thinking outside the box, as they say!

img337A Summery Saturday Morning is by Margaret Mahy and illustrated by Selina Young. It was published by Scholastic, Inc. in 1999. This is a JOYful book about taking the dogs to the beach! Got that – Joyful and taking the dogs to the beach! It’s written in jaunty rhyming verse that’s fun to read. Like I said, a JOYful, sing song romp at the beach.

img334And my very favorite – Painting the Wind by Patricia and Emily MacLachlan and illustrated magically by Katy Schneider. This is such a beautiful book. The story is of a boy who lives on an island and paints and waits for summer when lots of artists come to his island to paint. They all come with their dogs! Artists bring their dogs to the beach! Some of them paint their dogs. Some just have their dogs for company. They all paint different things. Some paint the ocean. Some paint people. Some paint flowers. The boy wants to paint the wind and doesn’t know how. He paints with each of the grown up artists in hopes that he will learn to capture the wind on canvas. Like I said, this is a beautiful book.

So, that’s how I spent my weekend while the Human folks were getting sunburned at the beach. I hope that you check out some of these books and imagine the ocean breeze while you’re reading them. I did. ( And maybe that was Walker’s fishy breath?)

15 thoughts on “Dreamin’ of the Beach

  1. Reading with Rhythm becomes addictive—he has become quite interesting—-I still don’t know he can read so many so fast!!!   MOM


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