Lots of Hands On Love in West!

This was my day today —

This morning we visited the West Elementary School in West, Tx. The 1st half of the morning I was in the library. About 50 kids at a time came in and listened to an audio CD of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was kind of hard for me to follow with no pictures. And with hands massaging my whole body while the CD was kind of droning on, I confess that I went right to sleep!

For the 2nd half of the morning we moved to the music room and got to listen to recorder music and singing. Those kids were really pretty good! Didn’t hurt my ears one bit! And if my singing was not on the blink, I would have been singing along!

It was a good day for all!! Hope yours was too!

This is not the West music group, but this is pretty much what I listened to —

Yankee Doodle on recorder

12 thoughts on “Lots of Hands On Love in West!

  1. So wonderful you went to West again, Rhythm! I know those boys and girls loved you very much! I read your blog posts with pure delight! I used to live very close to where you live. I went to college in Stephenville where I studied geology (1979-82)). I was a frequent visitor to Dinosaur Valley State Park near you! I live in SC now though. Keep up the good work, Rhythm! What you do is very important.

      • Hi, I’m typing this fast as I want to tell you about something that is happening right now. Just to let you know, The Diane Rehm Show is doing a show on therapy dogs, companion dogs, etc this morning. It is on right now. (11:00 AM Eastern Time) They are talking about all kinds of helping dogs and have parts of the show on the dogs that went to Boston and West, TX. I imagine you already know about the show and I’m curious if Rhythm will be mentioned. I have always respected how much dogs help people, but know very little about working dogs. Rhythm has won my heart, delights every cell of my body and fills my eyes with warmth and joy every single post I read. This show on the Diane Rehm Show is intriguing. To find it go to “NPR Diane Rehm Show”…you might be able to hear it online or turn on the radio to public radio. I hope you can catch it somewhere. Or can hear it later. Hopefully you already know about it. Thanks for all you give. You are touching my life by having a blog. Terri Date: Thu, 2 May 2013 11:12:56 +0000 To: scattersomejoy@hotmail.com

        • I am aware of Ms Rehm. We always listen to NPR on our drives in the car. I was not aware of this particular show! And at the time of her show here, we were in West at the school library reading with kids! But I will look for a replay. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Oh, Rhythm! You are really getting a workout with so many hands on you at once. What wonderful work you do!! No wonder you needed a nap! I worked at Read to a Pet Night on Tuesday, and had only one or two kids petting me at a time. But I slept all the way home in the car. Love can be exhausting!

    Hugs and cuddles,

    • Yes indeed to that!! Luckily all those kids were very gentle and respectful. It was all kind of a nice long massage. But I sure sleep on our drives home! Hope you had fun at reading night. Tonight is our library night. We usually just get a couple of kids there as well. Nice and quiet.

    • Wow Ms Morris! That’s really something. I am not big on awards — I do stuff just because I like doing them. But this is a nice award and coming from you makes it pretty special. So I graciously and thankfully accept! Thanks for your thoughts and support. You’re a special lady!

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