Never Tease a Weasel

We had a cleaning day this weekend. A bookshelf cleaning day. Hohummm. That means it was kind of a lazy day. There’s never much dust flying when the Mom Person tackles bookshelves. She pulls a few books off the shelf, but then has to sit down and look at the books. Some just get a quick thumbing, but others she actually reads. And we dogs get to hear about how this one was so-and-so’s favorite. And this one makes so-and-so laugh out loud. And this one has the best pictures. And this one reminds her of when such-and-such happened. And, well, you get my drift.


So this weekend she got nostalgic (big word) about this book – Never Tease a Weasel. Written by Jean Conder Soule and illustrated by Denman Hampson. It was published by Parents’ Magazine Press in 1964. This was evidently a very favorite book of ALL four of the Mom Person’s kids. I don’t know of anybody else who has ever heard of this book!


It’s a rhyming, sing-song,silly book. Good silly.
“You could give a mule a pool,
And some jaunty swimming trunks;
Send a case of Spanish lace
To a pair of lady skunks.
But never tease a weasel.
This is very good advice.
A weasel will not like it
And teasing isn’t nice!”


(This is definitely very good advice! You should never tease a weasel! Or a dog. Or a cat. Or any animal at all!) This refrain is repeated several times in the book and the Mom Person can still hear those kids saying it Altogether at once! I wonder if they still recite this book. It is one that kind of sticks in your head. The illustrations are pretty cute. Not much color. Most of the pictures are pink and black. Some of the illustrations are in color though. The rhymes are funny and simple to read.  It’s a pretty good book and I can see how it might become a favorite.

never tease a weasel

When looking for this book online, we found 2 different covers. This is the one that came off of our bookshelf and is now nice and clean.

never tease a weasel 2

And this is a newer addition. Quite a different feel, but cute. It is illustrated by cartoonist George Booth.

For more information on weasels you can look here.

And for your entertainment here is a rendition of Pop Goes the Weasel!

Pop Goes the Weasel

20 thoughts on “Never Tease a Weasel

  1. I haven’t read that yet, but I love the word play. Next time I go to the library I’ll check it out.

  2. Sounds like not all of the books made it into the giveaway bin. Cute books. That happens to me. We had a huge cleaning frenzy this weekend, and a lot got pitched. But haven’t touched the bookshelf yet. That is a major project. Felt good to have windows and doors open and to clear out the dust.

    • Books rarely make it to a giveaway bin at this house. They might move to a different shelf, but the Mom Person has a hard time letting go of any book. I like having our doors and windows open too! Then I can come and go and check out all the good spring smells! But when everything is open here, dust tends to come in instead of blowing out! Happy Spring to you Ms Tilton!

  3. Hi Rhythm and Mom Person,

    Thanks for commenting on my review of Strong Deaf on the Nerdy Book Club blog.

    I have a Therapy Dog also who has been listening to kids read to her at the library for about five years. It’s fun for all of us.

  4. This sounds like my organizing style! I tend to get caught up with what I’m organizing (especially if it’s sentimental) and sometimes very little organizing gets done!

  5. Oh no tackling the bookshelves. That must be such a challenge for avid readers like you and your mom! Hope you got it all sorted out 🙂 P.S- Have a little something for you over at our blog 😀

    • Wow!! Thanks Kirby! Another awesome job from your history files!! My ancestors! Pretty exciting! I love your history lessons. And thanks for the nice words and link up! You’re the best. And yes, tackling the bookshelves doesn’t seem to work out like it’s supposed to.

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