A Place For An Ugly Bird!

Wow! I got a package today! I thought it must be my birthday and we’d be getting some Frosty Paws, too. But the Mom Person said it wasn’t my birthday. I know it’s not Christmas because there’s no tree in the house and I haven’t seen Santa in quite awhile. The Mom Person says it’s just because I’m a Special Girl!!


It turns out that that Special Lady, Mary Livingston, over at the Backdoor Artist, sent me this package! She wrote this book about Vultures, No Place for Ugly Birds. I told her that I thought that those birds were spooky. They swoop down low lookin’ for stuff and they’re soooo quiet about it. Spooky. So she sent me a package! With my very own Vulture! And he’s sure not spooky. He is quiet though. No squeaking from him.

And to go along with my very own non-spooky Vulture, she sent some books! I’ll have to find some non-spooky kids to read them to me and then I’ll tell you all about them. I can’t wait!

My very own package! From the UPS man! I love the UPS man. And Mary Livingston.

Thank You Ms Livingston!!!!

9 thoughts on “A Place For An Ugly Bird!

  1. That is so wonderful Rhythm – I just read an artcile in the RSPB magazine about the wonderfulness of vultures.

    They have such a bad rap and are having a difficult time of it because of it I’m glad someone has written a book about them – and that you can share it with children and they hopefully love ‘ugly’ birds as much as ‘pretty’ cos you sure don’t judge things that way!

  2. How wonderful Rhythm! Vultures are soooo important to the balance of nature.

    And PS – you would look marvelous posed next to Patience or Fortitude if you ever get to the NYPL. You could be the first canine on the Pinterest board 😉

    • I keep hearing these good reports about Vultures. I’m trying to see them in a different light. I’ve never been to New York. It seems kind of a spooky place. But I like those pictures of the Lions and if ever I get up that way I will surely get a picture with them!

    • I am learning a lot about these birds. They are Turkey Vultures! Called that because of their resemblance to turkeys! A “flock” of vultures is called a wake or venue. And if they are soaring they are called a kettle! Are there vultures where you live? I don’t think turkey vultures. I think they are only found around these parts.

      • Nope, no vultures…although maybe in the desert…would have to consult Mr Google on that one. We have scrub turkeys though. They’re fairly unattractive. Happy Easter to you, btw!

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