Talking Dogs

Dogs can be a pretty talkative bunch. We usually have a lot to say about a lot of stuff. I myself am not much of a talker. I’m kind of the quiet type, I find that I can say as much with a tilt of my head and the lift of an eyebrow as some dogs do with a lot of chatter. I do sing on occasion though!

At school yesterday, we read a couple of pretty cool, loud and raucous books all about Dog Talk. Yip! Snap! Yap! was written by Charles Fuge and published by Tricycle Press in 2001.


It’s got some great illustrations of some fine, fine dogs doing stuff that dogs just do.  The book starts out with “Join in with this barking dog…WOOF! ARF! RRUFF! Then turn the page to make more noise and do some doggy stuff!” So that’s what you’ve got to do! Chow down with the hungry dog. Curl up with sleepy dog. Careful of the guard dog. Scratch with the itchy dog. Watch your feet with the yappy dog. Cool down with the hot dog. Sing with the puppies.


It’s all about being the dog! A pretty fun read!!

RRRALPH was written by Lois Ehlert and published by Beach Lane Books in 2011.


I really, really like this book a LOT! The illustrations are really cool collages. Ralph is the funniest dog I have ever seen! His mouth is a zipper and his nose is a can pull! But he sure is a happy, smart dog. Ralph can talk. His owner found this out when they brought him home and asked him his name. He said “Ralph”.  They built him a house and a high fence and then couldn’t find him. “Ralph, where are you?” He said “Roof, Roof”. What’s on that tree? “Bark, Bark”. What’s that howl I hear? ” Wolf! Wolf!” Do you want to come in the house with me? “Yep,Yep,Yep”.

IMG_0859Copy of IMG_0860

I LOVE that Ralph! He is just a cool dog! And he has a cool owner who understands all that Ralph has to say. My Mom Person is that way. She’s got me pretty well figured out. Do your dogs talk? Are they loud and boisterous or drama queens or silent types like me?

I think you should check out these 2 books and have a howling good time with your kids and your dogs!

And to go along with it, here’s a little video of some real dogs talking.

And the Mom Person’s favorite — The Ultimate Tease – this one makes me weep.

11 thoughts on “Talking Dogs

  1. Sounds like a fun read for kids. Also some interesting books for Valentines Day. Hope you add “The Very Fairy Princess Shares Her Heart” to your stack. A book truly shows kids what it is important when things go wrong and Gerry finds a creative way to share her heart with each child. Great read.

  2. Love your adorable blog and the work that Rhythm does. He’s one busy dog! I grew up with a wonderful dog who also “talked” to us. Now I’ve got a “talking” cat! Look forward to seeing more of your fun posts!

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