The Old Man is Snoring

Oh Joy Joy!! “I love a rainy night! It’s such a beautiful sight!” Actually it was a rainy day and it is now a clear, starry night. But it’s all full of joy anyway you look at it! It was a nice rain this afternoon. Not too stormy. Nice to walk in. The Mom Person loves to go walk in the rain and look at puddles. So that’s what we did today.



There were plenty of puddles and plenty of good smells stirred up by the rain. We had a joyful jaunt!

And when we got back to the house we had a nice dry off and a few treats and storytime. The Mom Person chose a book based on one of her favorite rainy day songs that she sings all the time — It’s Raining, It’s Pouring! This book is by Kin Eagle and illustrated by Rob Gilbert. It was published by Whispering Coyote Press in 1994.


Sure nuf, that old man is snoring away in his bed as the rain is pouring into his house and washing his bed down the river! Crazy old man! But this book has a lot more verses than what I know. After the rain is gone — “It’s cloudy, it’s breezy, the old man is sneezy.” Then, “It’s snowing, it’s blowing, the old man is growing!”. Then, “It’s warm out and sunny, The old man loves honey.” And on and on! And at the back of the book is the music for the song so you can play it on your piano or guitar or whatever!

I really liked this book! Mr. Gilbert’s illustrations are just right for the silly song. Now I have a picture for my head when the Mom Person goes to singing. I can picture that old man floating down my river.


I hope you check this book out. I think you’ll like it.

And to go along with our rainy day — It’s Peter, Paul, and Mary singing “It’s Raining”

And Eddie Rabbit singing “I Love a Rainy Night!”

Now that’s one more book for me! 287 more to go! I wish you JOYFUL reading!

12 thoughts on “The Old Man is Snoring

  1. Ah, lovely. I have a soft spot for Peter, Paul and Mary and can often be caught out humming “If I had a hammer…” This is quite appropriate for my geographical location at the moment because we have just had a week of bucketing rain, flooding (again!) and gale force winds.The illustration you’ve chosen there is somewhat reminiscent of this dwelling during the downpour. You’ll be happy to hear I saved most of the books from wetting….

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