Bad Apple!

Sunshine and her brother, Will, came to the library to visit us. They have been coming to read with us for a long time. When they first started coming, Sunshine couldn’t even read and now she’s reading chapter books! This evening she picked a funny book to read to us. It was called Bad Apple, A Tale of Friendship by Edward Hemingway.

IMG_0360 Bad Apple was published by Putnam Juvenile in 2012. It’s a pretty simple book and appropriate for ages 3 and up. The book is about Mac, an apple, and his strange friendship with Will, a worm. It starts with Mac taking a stroll through the rain. He falls asleep and when he wakes up there is a worm coming out of his head. This kind of freaks me out. Sunshine thought it was funny. Mac and Will become very good friends. They dig in the dirt together and fly kites and play games. But the other apples in the orchard start taunting (Sunshine’s word!) them and calling Mac rotten and a bad apple because he shouldn’t be friends with a worm! Will feels bad for Mac and leaves. But then Mac is very lonely without his worm so he goes to find Will. In the end he decides it’s better to be a “bad apple with his friend, than a sad apple without him.”


Sunshine liked this book. She thought Mac was really cute. She also thought that the story was a good one to show how you should stand up for your friends even in the face of bullying. And those things are true. The illustrations are really cute. And the storyline is a good one. But I couldn’t get passed the worm coming out of Mac’s head! It was just a little too creepy for me.  So I just give this one 2 paws. Sunshine gave it 4.

So maybe you should check it out and see what you think!

For your Monday morning pick me up here is Scooter from the Muppets singing a worm song “There’s a New Sound“! EnJOY!

293 more to go!

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