I’m Bugged!

Bugs, bugs everywhere!
On the floor and in the air!

Not really. Well, maybe. But the ones I want to talk about are in the books! Come take a look! We’ve got 2 for 1 today — My Daddy is a Doodlebug and Bugs in a Blanket.


My Daddy is a Doodlebug by Bruce Degen is a read-aloud feast. Funny, funny pictures and made up words. “We both eat potoodle chips while walking through the zoo. ‘Cause Daddy is a foodlebug, And I’m a foodlebug too.” 40 pages of doodling and riding the caboodle car on the train, and padoodling their canoe, playing tagoodle, and reading fairytoodles before bed. All very silly and fun!
Mr. Degen is kind of a well known guy. He’s the illustrator of the Magic School Bus books! You can watch an interview with him here.

Bugs in a blanket by Beatrice Alemagna is kind of a board book. It has board covers but heavy paper insides. The illustrations are the thing with this little book. All the little bugs are fiber creations. Felting and needlework. And they are the cutest, happiest little creatures! They all live in a blanket on a bed at the bottom of the garden. Each bug lives in its own hole and has never seen the other bugs. For his birthday, Little Fat Bug decides to have a  party and invites all the other bugs. But when they all arrive everyone becomes rather disconcerted (a nice big word!) to find that they all don’t look the same! How can that be?!  Then they all realize that it is what it is and it doesn’t matter if they all look different. In the end, everybody has a fun time singing and dancing and partying together. The story here is a little bit large for such a small book. It falls a little flat for me. But the illustrations are so awesome that I find I love the book! I just want to hold on to it. You can watch a video of Ms Alemagna talking about this book here.


These are 2  fine books to read out loud to kids. 296 more books to go!

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