The Sun and The Moon

The Mom Person and The Big Guy With the Treats were gone to California for a long, long time. To visit the Princesses. That’s a good thing for them. Not so good for me. It was a very boring time.

CIMG7820We had some good buddies taking care of everything here. And we got our dinner and our treats and some good pats and a little bit of ball play. But it just isn’t the same without the Mom Person. She is my Sun and my Moon.

But they are home now!!!! And life is good again! It was a full moon when they arrived home. An auspicious sign! IMG_3130

And now even though it’s raining outside, my sun is shining for me! The rain is a good thing too! She has brought it all! The moon, the sun and the rain!

While they were away, I took care of the house. I slept on their bed because it smells like them. I tried to change the sheets before they got home. But those corners had me stymied.

IMG_0267The Mom Person was very appreciative of my efforts though. She said she was sure glad that she didn’t change the sheets before she left!

She brought back some really yummy treats and some new tennis balls and lots of postcards. They had a fine trip.

But let’s get back to the moon. That great big full moon. It’s nice to go walking out under the full moon. The world is bright and you don’t have to worry about stepping on snakes that you can’t see. We read a book called The Moon Jumpers by Janice May Udry and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. I love Mr Sendak. His pictures are so funny and clever. This book has black and white pictures along with 2 page spreads in color. They look about the same to me, but the Mom Person assures me that the color ones are quite lovely.

The Moon Jumpers was published in 1959 by Harper & Row. It’s a very old book, but it can still be found if you look.

IMG_0275It starts out with:
“Summer night is the cool dark grass
And big tired trees
With the moon sailing
On a wind.”

It’s a lovely story of kids going out to play at night when the moon comes out. They sing and dance and do somersaults. They climb a tree and tell ghost stories. They jump and jump, but “nobody ever has touched the moon.” And in the end they go to bed and “dream of tomorrow’s sun.” Just as I dreamed of my sun’s return.


I’m very happy that everyone is home now. The world is right and the new year will be off to a good start. I hope that all is right in your world. And I will leave you with a little song from the Beatles to brighten your day —

Here Comes the Sun!

And if you are interested in Mr Maurice Sendak here are some interesting stories at NPR. Enjoy! And Happy New Year to you all!!

8 thoughts on “The Sun and The Moon

  1. Happy New Year Rhythm! I just read your post to our 4-legged kids at home, Tom, Nellie, Blitz and Teka. They were so pleased that our princesses and the little man came here for a visit. They wanted you to know that when we go away to visit our princesses and the little man, they do their best to make our bed, too. We are so lucky to have them in our lives!

  2. Happy New Year rythm! I love that your such a pro when it comes to books. I see you tried to make the bed, and in the end although you may not have been successful it is the thought that counts. You look like such a happy guy, I wish you and Kirby could meet!:)

    • That would be fun to meet in person, but I think it will also be fun to get to know Kirby virtually! He looks like a pretty fun guy! I guess he’s a guy? I’m a girl by the way, but no offense taken. I look forward to seeing more of Kirby! Thanks for dropping by!

      • Ahhh of course you are! Apologies!
        “Oh boys so sorry about that rhythm, my ma is so weird like that,and her excuse is she sometimes can’t tell the difference between a boy and girl dog. What is she serious?! How insulting! How would she like that if I wasn’t sure one day if she was a boyor a girl, trust me it doesn’t go over well with these humans. Anyways I love your blog and can’t wait to visi tmore! Followed!”

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