Sally Gets a Job

Our Perfect Picture Book Friday Pick this week is Sally Gets a Job written and illustrated by Stephen Huneck.

This is a fiction book published in 2008 by Abrams Books for Young Readers. It is suitable for ages 6 and up.

From the 1st page — “There they go, off to work and school. I wish I could go, too. Maybe I should get a job.”

Thus begins Sally’s musings about what would be the perfect job for her. Maybe she could drive a school bus, or be a teacher. Maybe a lifeguard at the beach. Maybe an archeologist or a pro ball player. So many options!

In real life there really are lots of dogs doing very important work. There are guide dogs for visually impaired people, service dogs for people with other needs, search and rescue dogs, drug sniffing dogs, bomb detection dogs, guard dogs, hunting dogs, show dogs.

I myself am a working dog with multiple titles — therapy dog, library dog, reading dog, school dog. And much like Sally, I have often dreamed about other jobs that I could do —

I have been a teacher and library dog, a farm dog, an actor, a rally competitor. It might be fun to be a fire dog. But like Sally in her book, I have found that the best job in the world is —

Taking care of my family!

There are lots of “Sally” books. She’s a very busy dog. She’s one of my very favorite book characters. And her Dad Person who was also her author and illustrator was an incredible artist using hand carved wood blocks. Mr Huneck died in 2010 but his influence on the dog and art worlds is huge. His home in Vermont has become a haven for dogs and their owners. It is called Dog Mountain. And on the mountain is a unique chapel called Dog Chapel. Dog Mountain is open to the public and they often have special events there.

If you were to read this book in your classroom it could open up lots of discussion about jobs that dogs do for people. And then you might talk about what jobs the kids’ dogs do for them. We have these talks a lot when I go to school. And there are probably dog groups of some kind in your area that probably have members that would LOVE to come visit a classroom. Dog people LOVE sharing their dogs!
Some resources that you might look into  —

Therapy Dogs International, Delta Society, Canine Companions for Independence
Guide Dog Users, Search and Rescue Dogs, Police Dogs, American Kennel Club.

So what does your dog do for you? Think on that!

And go check out Sally Gets a Job — and all the other Sally books!
And then check out the other PPBF books at Susanna Hill’s place!

26 thoughts on “Sally Gets a Job

  1. Dear Rhythm,
    thank you so much for this lovely post about the Sallybooks. Today I plan to go to my little bookshop in the nearby village, they have quite a good section with books for this age. I’ll see, if I can get it in German, that’d be great.
    You’re doing a super job taking care of your family. And your bloggers!
    Say hell to your mum and make sure everybody has got a lovely weekend.
    Take care!
    Lots of cuddles

  2. Thanks so much for this introduction to the Sally books and a little history about Mr Huneck. So many great jobs for dogs out there!

  3. I’ve never heard of the Sally books. But being a dog lover forever I’m definitely going to the library to look for some. Thanks!

    • Yes!! I very much love my job! I spend a lot of time at school and at the library. My days are spent getting loved on and eating treats. What better job is there?! And I’m glad that you like Sally. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Even though I’m grown up I’m still wondering what the best job for me is. I think I have to agree with Sally though – looking after my family is the best job 🙂

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