A Dark and Stormy Night

We had a terrible storm here last night. At least that’s what my Mom Person tells me. I slept thru it all.

But my buddy, Cisco, had a terrible time. He’s very afraid of thunderstorms. That’s about all he’s afraid of, but it’s enough. The Mom Person gives him some special calming medicine and puts on special music for him and makes him a special tent to hide under. It all seems to help him some. But I don’t think anyone gets much sleep. Except me and Walker. And the Big Guy Who Always Has The Treats. He sleeps thru anything.

It all reminds me of a book that I like a lot called Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watts. We don’t have this book at our house. I read it in Mrs. B’s reading class. It’s a really funny book about a squirrel who is afraid of EVERYTHING!  He won’t come out of his tree because he can only think about all the bad things that could happen to him. But one day he falls out of his tree and then —-

You’ll have to read the book to see what happens! 

I’m not afraid of anything. The Mom Person says that gets me in trouble sometimes. I have friends who are afraid of different stuff. Walker used to be REALLY afraid of the vacuum cleaner!  And we had a guide dog pup once who was afraid of car tires. I know some dogs who are afraid of little kids and some who are afraid of big people. I guess we all have different outlooks on the world.

Are there things that you or your dogs are afraid of? What do you do about it?

I hope you all had a good night’s sleep.

Look for Scaredy Squirrel at your library and check it out!

And here’s a link to Melanie Watt’s website. It’s got some really cool stuff to look at!

And here’s my favorite rainy night song by Eddie Rabbit. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “A Dark and Stormy Night

    • HaHaHa! I look that electrifying,huh? Do you worry about getting struck by lightening? You might explode or something. That would be a sad thing. Poor Cisco sure thought he was about to be hit by something.

      • It is an occupational hazard for some of my more outdoorsy brethren, I’ll admit, but I consider myself fairly safe. I will, however, seek out Scaredy Squirrel. We don’t have squirrels round my way, but Mad Martha once saw some on a trip to the UK.

  1. Rhythm, you look so relaxed. I just want to rub that belly. Any time I see a belly upturned I just have to rub it. I love the way you got to the book. Your reviews are so unusual I think they work. Who knew a dog knew so much about so many things. Is that Cisco under the blanket? Poor thing. My youngest kitty is scared of thunder and lightning. I guess she is a real scardey-cat! I thought I’d throw that out there and save you the time and trouble of saying it yourself.

    I love your reviews, but I am not getting any email notices when one is posted. I don’t understand that with WordPress. Can you be a doll and check it out for me? I’d like to get an email each time you post. Thanks.

    • Oh yes! Belly rubs! Can’t beat that! Yes it is Cisco under his tent. He is one sad boy when the thunder comes! I guess he and your scaredy cat would get along just fine. I don’t see that you are signed up to get emails. There is a place on the right side of my blog that lets you sign up for email notices. That would be lovely if you did that. Let me know if you have trouble with it. I only see what I have on my computer and I hope that you see the same thing. I’m kind of new to all this technology.

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