May I Pet Your Dog?

When I go to school, all the kids are excited to see me. Especially when school first starts after the summer and they haven’t seen me for awhile.  They like to yell my name – ” Look! Rhythm’s here!!!!” then run to give me a hug!  This is when my Mom Person says -” Whoa!!  Let’s be a little more polite to Rhythm!”  Then we all talk about what dogs like and don’t like about being petted. Most of the time I don’t mind when kids run up to me to say hello. But I know some dogs who really freak out when that happens. And I really like getting petted, but I’m not crazy about getting hugs. If somebody really needs a hug, then I can let it happen because I know it makes them feel better. But I’d rather just get a nice pat and maybe an ear rub.  I know some dogs who really like being hugged. They just go right up to people and ask for hugs! Dogs are all different just like people are.

What do your dogs like? Do they like kids or are they scared of those little whirlwinds? Are they ok with strangers or do they need some encouragement from you? Are they cuddly or not so much? And when you meet a new dog friend, what do you do? Do you bend down in its face to say hello or do you give it a little space? Do you first reach for its head or go around to the side? Things to think about?

We found a really nice book called May I Pet Your Dog? by Stephanie Calmenson. And it has some really great pictures by Jan Ormerod. She gets all the right expressions on the dogs’ faces. This book tells with pictures how someone should come up to a dog to say “Hello”.  It shows how some dogs like kids and some are a little afraid.  I wish everybody would read this book. It would make meeting new friends alot nicer for me and all my dog buddies.

Go check it out!

4 thoughts on “May I Pet Your Dog?

    • That’s pretty awesome! I think Gloria is an awesome dog! I like books where a dog is a good helper friend. I try to be a good helper friend and my Mom Person says I do a pretty good job! Thanks for checking out my thoughts!

  1. Thank you for wriiting on this topic, especially from Rhythm’s perspective. I find many individuals do not know how to meet a new dog. Some children – and even some adults – run up to a dog without any regard for the canine or its owner. I appreciate you sharing how a dog might feel, because each one possesses different personality traits. Some dogs are more sensitive than others and do not like being pet in certain areas. I believe that the dog should make the initial effort, and just as importantly, the owner must be in control of the animal. They can also let others know how the dog responds to new people.

    • I spend a lot of time at school with a lot of enthusiastic kids and I’ve learned to deal with it all. The time at school provides great opportunities for teaching kids about how to be around dogs. Thanks for dropping by! I appreciate your thoughts!

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