Sunshine in the evening!

Sunshine and Will!

Library night!  Our gooood friends Sunshine and Will came by for a visit!  We haven’t seen them in quite awhile and it sure was nice to see them tonite!  Sunshine has been coming to visit us since before she could actually read. Now she’s reading chapter books! What a smarty!  Right now she’s reading a book called Bella, by Ellen Miles. It’s part of The Puppy Place series.This book is about a family that fosters dogs until they can find a forever home. That’s a really good thing to do! Bella is an orphan baby cocker spaniel that the family is taking care of. Sunshine just read one chaper but it sounds like a pretty good story. In this chapter, the family had to stay up ALL night feeding and taking care of Bella. That sounds like a pretty good family to me. The girl Lizzie keeps a spy journal!!  And there seems to be some mystery with new next door neighbors. There was a funny word in the book — slurry . This is what they fed Bella. I don’t know what slurry is and Sunshine didn’t know either. And we both didn’t think that it sounded very tasty. But there it was – slurry! I hope Sunshine comes back next week to read me some more!

I was kind of a foster puppy myself. And I think I kept my family up for a few nights myself!  It’s hard being away from your brothers and sisters and real mom. I had to get on an airplane and go hundreds of miles away to a strange house with strange people and a strange bed. But it didn’t take long for me to discover it was a happy place to be!  And now it’s my forever home. I hope Bella finds a good forever home too.

Have you ever been a foster family for a dog before? I hear that there are lots of puppies out there looking for happy families.

Maybe you should read about Bella!

Go check it out!  SLURRY!

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