We’re going to the library tonite. My Mom Person said I needed a bath!  Why, I ask?!

She says I’ve been rolling in too much smelly stuff and I stink!  I don’t know what she is talking about!  Stink? What’s Stink? Do I look like I stink? Do your dogs stink?

My Mom Person has a special shampoo that she likes to use. It’s called Petsilk. She likes the Rosemary Mint flavor. She says it’s hard to find and can only be found on the internet and at dog shows. So we go to alot of dog shows to shop. Do you do special shopping for your dogs?

Do your dogs like baths? I don’t mind them too much. I just don’t like standing still for so long. We have a really nice book that is all about taking care of your dog and has a nice bit about baths. It’s called 8 Weeks to a Healthy Dog by Dr Shawn Messonnier. It’s a pretty good book! You should check it out!

And head out to the library today! I am!

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