All By Myself!

all by myself!

Camden came to the library today. He starts kindergarten next week and he is very excited!  He wanted to show us how he can read “All by hisself!” He picked out 2 Mercer Mayer books about Little Critter. There are alot of books about Little Critter! He has alot of adventures. Sometimes I’m a little jealous. But I guess if I think about it, I have had some pretty good adventures myself!

One of the books tonite was All By MyselfIt was about all the things that Little Critter could do without any help — like getting dressed and helping to take care of his little sister and doing chores and getting ready for bed at night. He had a very busy day!  Camden told me how he could do all those things too! He even showed me that he could tie his own shoes!  Pretty cool!

The other book was My Trip to the Hospital. This book was kind of scary for me. I don’t like going to visit the doctor. ( Except for Dr Bruton! He gives me good massages and makes me feel better!) But in the book, Little Critter broke his leg when he was playing soccer! When I was a kid I broke my toe when I was playing with my buddies! Little Critter rode in an ambulance to the hospital. I just went in my Mom Person’s car. But we both got casts on our legs!  Little Critter’s friends signed his cast and it looked really cool. I just got to wear funny socks on mine – but those socks really got people smiling!

My Halloween sock for my broken toe

What kind of adventures have you had? Do you read about your adventures in books? It’s kind of fun to put yourself into the book you’re reading.

Go check out some Little Critter books by Mercer Mayer!  You’ll like them!

2 thoughts on “All By Myself!

  1. I remember reading those books to my sons when they were little and we all loved them..thanks so much for the wonderful memory!

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