Snakes Alive!!

2 good snake books!

We had an exciting time last night. There was a snake in our house! I didn’t actually see it. I just heard all the loud noise and alot of “NO dogs allowed – STAY AWAY!”  Not that I wanted to see the snake. I smelled a snake skin at school one time and WHEW! I didn’t want to be anywhere near it!  They are kind of creepy creatures. My Mom Person says they are good to have around when they’re outside. But not INSIDE!

So she said it was a good opportunity for me to learn more about these slimy things and we went to the library to find some books. Did you know that they aren’t really slimy? I’ll take the books’ word for it. We picked out The Best Book of Snakes by Christiane Gunzi and The Life Cycle of a Snake by Bobbie Kalman. The Best Book had lots of scary pictures of snakes eating other animals. The Life Cycle had lots of babies. They both had some good information. I think I will try to stay away from snakes!

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