Daddy’s Little Girl

Rebecca reads My Little Girl

Rebecca visited us at the library and picked out a really nice book — My Little Girl, by Tim McGraw and Tom Douglas. With illustrations by Julia Denos. Rebecca said it was her favorite book! I REALLY liked the pictures. Katie ( in the book) looked alot like Rebecca. And she had a dog, Palio, who never, ever left her side! Katie was ready for a “Better than Chocolate Ice Cream with Sprinkles” kind of day.  And she found it with her Dad. They went to a co-op. I didn’t know what that was and Rebecca didn’t either but when they got there Katie got to play with little chicks and rabbits. They laid around on the ground and looked at clouds. That seemed like a silly thing to do. But Katie and her Dad liked it. They did some other Dad, Little Girl stuff that all made everybody happy. Even Palio. It was just an all around happy book. It had some words that were a little hard for Rebecca to figure out. But mostly she did an excellent job reading it.

You should maybe check it out!

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