A Word about Rhythm

Guide Dog pups in training

The Mom Person is taking to the keyboard today. We went to visit an obedience class for the DFW Area Puppy Raiser group of Southeastern Guide Dogs. And since This was at one time a big part of Rhythm’s life and is a big part of who she is today, I thought I needed to write about it. Rhythm was bred by and born at Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto, Fla.  SEGDI pups are placed with volunteer puppy raiser families when they are 8 – 10 weeks old. We were Rhythm’s puppy raiser family. It was our job to socialize her and teach her good house manners. With that goal in mind she went most everywhere that we went and became quite famous around our small town.

When she was about a year old she went back to SEGDI for her guide dog training. Sending your pup “off to college” is a very hard transition for the raisers and sometimes for the pups as well. Rhythm began having chronic ear infections and eventually the decision was made to “career change” her and she came back to Texas to live with us forever.

She needed another job. To keep her busy I got her registered with TDI, Inc. as a therapy dog and she now works in several facilities doing Animal Assisted Therapy. Rhythm holds a special place in our hearts and the hearts of our community. She’s a hardworking, caring, special girl.

To learn more about Southeastern Guide Dogs and their puppy raising program visit their website — http://guidedogs.org/

To see what the Dallas Area puppy raisers are all about visit — http://northtxpuppyraisers.blogspot.com/

12 thoughts on “A Word about Rhythm

  1. I’m a former puppy raiser for GDB in CA. Our first dog graduated and went on to work, while our second was “career changed” and lives with us. Both outcomes are both happy and sad. We love the dogs and loved to have the second home with us, but we’re disappointed that he wouldn’t be going on to work with someone. When the first graduated, we were thrilled that she made it, but sad that we might never see her again because we had really bonded. Fortunately, the person she was paired with was good at keeping in touch and we’ve even visited each other. (We live @ 2,000miles apart.)

  2. Wow, what a story and how incredible puppy raisers and these special dogs are. I’ve loved learning about this and being a part of Rhythm’s life through this blog. It is truly inspiring me on many levels. Thank you.

      • I searched my inbox and subscribers lists for an hour trying to determine just how I found your blog. No definite trail. I suspect I found it via someone else’s blog who had you in their list. I’m awfully glad I found it.

        No, I do not have a blog, but I read a lot of them. The only time I’ve been published on the internet was a story I wrote as a guest writer about a local Christmas event for a travel website. The website is still available, but seems to be inactive. You can copy and paste this link in your browser and view my story here:

        No, I don’t have any dogs! I do have cats though. I was never a dog person until a few years ago. Now there are several dogs I know that I am quite fond of.

  3. I’ve considered being a puppy raiser upon retiring from teaching. I’ve known a few people with guide dogs and their lives are so enriched with these special caring canines. I love the idea of therapy dogs and we have one for one of our special ed students. Library dogs are the best, though. Children reading stories to dogs (and vice versa?) is a great way to promote books.

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