Quiet in the Library

It was too quiet this week in the library! No kids came in to read with us.  I kept watching the door and waiting, but only big people came in. Brenna was sad that kids weren’t coming so she decided to read to us. She doesn’t do this very much anymore. She thinks she’s one of those big people and shouldn’t be reading to dogs. She picked out
Toot and Puddle by Hollie Hobby. She read this to me when I was a wee pup. We both like Toot and Puddle alot.  Toot and Puddle are best friend pigs. Kind of like me and Walker are best friend dogs.  They like to do different things sometimes. In this book Toot wanted to go travelling to distant places. Puddle wanted to stay home. Toot sent Puddle postcards from all the places he visited. He was having some pretty fantastic adventures. But Puddle was having a pretty good time himself! And when Toot got back home they were both very happy to be together again. They both had lots of stories to share with each other.  They have a good, good friendship!  Happy together, and happy far apart.

Thank you Brenna! You’re the BEST ever!

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