Time for Biscuit!

The Ladybug Princess reads Biscuit!

The Ladybug Princess read Biscuit books to me last night. I love when the Ladybug reads. She uses different voices for everybody. The books she read were Biscuit’s New Trick and Biscuit Goes to School.

Biscuit’s new trick was fetching a ball. She didn’t understand what she was suppose to do though. I didn’t understand her problem. When you see a ball what else would you do but go after it!!  She did alot of other silly tricks and ignored the ball until it went in the mud!  But her girl thought it was all funny. It’s a good thing when the person trying to teach a new trick understands that sometimes we dogs can’t figure out what they’re saying.

Rhythm loves balls!

In the other book, Biscuit wanted to go to school but she wasn’t allowed to. That was strange. Walker and I go to school all the time! We have important jobs there. Everybody knows us and talks to us and wants us to come visit their room. Schools are alot of fun. And the kids at Biscuit’s girl’s school found out that it was fun to have a dog at school.

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