Library night and the reading is good

Me and my buddy Walker got to go to the library tonite. We had a busy time. Caroline read 2 books to us –Barn Storm by Charles & Debra Ghigna, illustrated by Diane Greensaid — and Splat the Cat Good Night, Sleep Tight  based on the books by Rob Scotton with text by Natalie Engel.  I really like Splat the Cat!  He is so FUNNY!!!  He always gets into lots of crazy things and it makes the kids laugh.  I try to laugh too. This book was about a scary night camping with Splat’s friend Spike.  It was a little spooky. But came out good in the end.

Barn Storm was a funny book too! A big twister hit the farm and caused all the animals to do crazy things!Cows in the kitchen! That’s just too much!  The chickens laid eggs in the corn – my chickens lay eggs under the grapevines.  I hope we don’t have any twisters here — I don’t want our goats in my bed!

Happy Reading!

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