Rhythm Has a New Job!

I spend alot of time with books. Kids read to me. My mom person reads to me. I go to the library once a week. At home I’m surrounded by books. So I am going to start telling you about the books that I encounter.

This week I’m going to tell you about a book called Fun Dog, Sun Dog by Deborah Heiligman and illustrated by Tim Bowers. We read this book recently with the Ladybug Princess and the Noodle Princess. I chose this book because it looks like me on the cover! And it’s about the beach!  I love the beach! This is a FUN, FUN book about Tinka and her boy. It made the princesses laugh. And I like to hear them laugh. The words are pretty easy and they rhyme. I like rhyming words – they make me want to dance. The pictures in this book are happy ones. You can tell that Tinka’s boy loves her and that they make each other happy.

I think everyone should read Fun Dog, Sun Dog!

4 thoughts on “Rhythm Has a New Job!

    • It’s kind of funny to look back on this first post! I didn’t know what we were doing and the Mom Person didn’t know what we were doing. It was all a new game. It has now become a fun part of my job! Thanks for taking me back!

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